The idea would be project a book what no idea absolutely has but there is the single idea of the book of project that onebooks one in three to fill meets has, respectively in three meets ready must be, but for it meets more or less throughwrites also the three, and of course the whole one is a mean matter in this respect, as one on that occasion, because the whole one comes position of the other side time off quasi, therefore not from the side, that one had to fill a sensible matter once someday but turned back, that one simply fills something and the whole one then brings out without any with what one then must think already again there of course filters, she/it asks is, whether one therefore creates this, the whole one with reflexive gel-but, to fill, because it is sausage so to speak which books in him/it at all in there-stands, because, as said, the idea anyway with, is realized independently from the content, if one then makes it simply technically, and it actually therefore in the end completely sausage is which books in him/it in there-stands which seen broadly at the, ugh, literature-diverts seen, yes just not the worst formation idea for one books is, most ideas still are essentially sillier, why books come out facto de, from therefore, one therefore should this purely abstract, myself-sedate idea, that it therefore books this must give what the single condition must fill that it must be fast ready, and where this vectorsimply is maximized quasi, or centi percent done is, and also that is what actually is moment in all other books also a formation, ugh that just it someday it must be ready that it doesn't become ideal, and, ugh, simply is in this formula here, what one creates until a certain time, once this, which one books with him/it, wants, dissolved to this just completely hires, which just one up to this certain one in the time of manages, and it is the problem at the project now of course, that one later books no more in him/it can recognize, whether it was actually executed or whether was fibbed, that is he/it at him/it shits books that at which book-molds would have to one therefore actually make quasi the setting in a way, that one sits down under control somewhere, under supervisory and just after it immediate, if they in the time of ran out, the whole one to the prints brings, the other matter is natural that it also should be completely sausage for it, ähm, yes, which consciousness now books the content of this, ugh, produces, although it should be ales already some intention, just what anybody in her/it in the time of thinks or produces or itself thinks up, not therefore simply something which is reincollagiert or then from the gigantic sea of that, what jumps around, ugh, there somehow hineingetütet becomes, that would be a little weakly, also it would be weak, the whole one simply on, to pick up and to then type out, what is not either controllable of course bound, although one, ugh that would have the advantage of course that maybe one would have one somewhat better river, and, ugh, not so much, ugh, therefore another speed, that maybe also more of the speed from that, what maybe one then wants to read afterward, ugh, corresponds, but whether this wants to read somebody afterward, is not at all m the highlight, ähm, simply, psychoanalytic interesting maybe how much one really betrays internally at this action over oneself simply obligatorily still simply is, even if on purpose probably one, ähm, nothing or exactly through it that on purpose one nothing textual or somehow, ähm, intimate in quotation-canceled or nominally intimate there in-writes but just, yes, that of procedure, ugh, that of procedure, ähm, ugh - boasted or the verfahrensbedingungen the whole one in the time of reflects, which so to speak an old, ähm one, performer illness is, crucial mainly also is of course, that the stream doesn't break off and that just, ugh, maybe the other condition should be just that however it in one at the, in one single stream itself the whole one yields, that one therefore doesn't book from at the same time intended or associated matters, ähm, into this just brings in, if somebody then writes to something other or takes over the insipid one, which can absolutely be, it should be as said not tied at a person, maybe one then then should sleep-trace this for the other or means something, ähm, otherwise, it should not be anyway in a way that then, ugh, therefore, the would be then actually the same mistake as in the collage that just one already strange intended, into other intended, where is already in the time of ingone, that organizes the whole one, in which books, lets in but d, this, which maybe, ugh, aims should be, would be real, that she/it didn't compress just in the time of, that in the time of the thinks, this in the time of the stupidly aroundsausage, the selfrepeating, ähm, that in the time of, where nothing is actually created productive, where just one only over entstehungsbedingungen or genesis difficulties and the whole one(s) shits around-fantasized that one this relatively unfiltered, ugh, just in, lets run in, and that then this nobody interested, also simply is, clearly, and also quite really so, from therefore also completely, ugh, bizarre the idea, that somebody shits this from in the front until behind then somehow should read through, but just that is not at all this either, on what arrives or something this, which, that actually is not of the project he/it thinks, something to produce, which somebody can then read through from in the front until behind, and that should, also really in the consequence is realized, that however, it then is not secretly something just, which does the whole one in the time of so, as it would be something, through which should not be read by in the front until behind, what something, which read through from in the front until behind and then wants loved, therefore is in reality of course it, however, wär quite important then, however, probably to the deterrence or to the, yes, to the, ugh, however, it would be automatic, ähm on a type, and also the whole repetitions and fooleries, not necessarily maybe the typing errors, but however the whole ones, ugh, pointlessness and this solid-hang, that no new thoughts, that there are actually none, ähm, pff, at all to development, show, therefore all something shows, as, ähm, and that would be just also already again then, however, wrong, if it showed or if it was a symbol of it so to speak, how, ähm, like hydriert and waters down the normal one thinks is and like rare it once then someday then at intervals, however, so small nodules of good thoughts gives but that also therefore would be wrong or already thousand-once done, that, about what it books with him/it, simply is not go this but it really would be about it just, one books to have done that just, ugh, simply really in three meets ready was and something one then, if it then was really ready, yes then however, because just the type, like this, in the end, as books are filled, yes then however itself, ugh, from the distance very strongly aligns, and however just a whole full simply books would fill, normally for years at what one, ugh, fiddles, ugh, and just this, ähm, fiddles ugh, would become, maybe even exactly that is, ähm which she/it then simply stretches in the time of then even more, ähm, because, and that is the single advantage, that these proceed, here has, because really quasi here one just at the same time with his/its writing experience is and his/its writes, ugh - perception, one perceives also nothing, because one, if one simply taps, of course hardly sensibly information about itself can take, it then would be the music, that one hears on the side, ugh, but one therefore can hardly or only so read scanning a newspaper to the example, or one also can very heavily, although it already goes, as I notice, but one can very heavily, ugh, a conversation leads, ugh without that he/it stream subsides what he/it doesn't shall but, ugh, that would be whole, ugh, incorrectly, ugh, traces, ugh, actually should not originate, ähm, although also that actually should be difficulty none, ähm, it really simply be the single difficulty, that exists, without blind-writes but really with an intent, with an intentionalen insipid, so stupidly this just also then would be, therefore he/it also should be not especially stupid, but he/it can simply be quietly so stupid as he/it wants, or so, so uninspiriert or so ridiculous is, as he/it wants, but that just one in one single insipid, ugh, just some intended one there, ugh, presents, that the single one actually is in the end, that single, the single idea in this whole one, ugh, matter, and, ugh, even it with what, ähm, so, therefore, with what one asks so to speak the borderline case of this whole one(s) now of course is natural, whether now it, ugh, interesting would be, whether somebody already-once would have had the idea and whether it books already one would give, in which, ugh, exactly the same just already once would be executed, in which maybe even, if it, through closes, one, or in another parallel world, doesn't know little early, ähm the one, unwinds as they here, ähm, it maybe this already books gives and maybe also each individual one, ugh, sentence and every individual word there already equally is spoken, ähm, but that actually is not the crucial one either, ugh, at it, firstly, it have make somebody relatively unlikely, and wenns, which, certainly people will do matters that is at it near there and, ugh, automatic spellings and books, that just, ugh, ähm, yes, in, in, in which in the time of, as she/it, ugh, was written, quasi also then, ugh, herausgehau or intended became, was also written, was out-rocked, was out-cut, the gibts, and certainly gibts also all different types of the additional editing or not editing and also this fast something, which one does, out-cuts there is therefore sure, ugh, thousandfold, ugh, there one should not make at all any illusions, that ask single, for oneself anyway would be even, whether maybe in second order, ugh, it also already now, ähm, quasi the others also already so corrupt and so broken would be that then she/it this matter just, ugh, that at for itself completely incidental is, somehow, ugh, reflects, but the idea as said simply is, however, to create something, which actually no, ähm, which just not too much, on any, itself ouch, ugh, content admits, in fact really in, s, d, a logical one, ugh, in the, m thinks one, a logical passive negation, to such an extent that such content absolutely possibly is and maybe also itself the matter absolutely passagenweise or over digressions or over, ugh, decided, ugh, about, in order to fill simply certain gaps, if one absolutely thinks of nothing more or if, ugh, the b, then, repetitions, that appear inevitably, start to be annoying one, about itself over it away, ugh - zutäuschen or goes away there once, that therefore would be absolutely possible, it would be problem small, but it would be better, ähm, if one made it, with so formal and, ff, not itself on any real topic or any insipid admitting towards, talk, ähm, the whole one in the time of, to fill, then however one, ugh, one, one pays down from on the part of to fill, that are simply so big, of the pure materiality that somehow it after from outside and before one sees it and before one, ugh, ff, real understood, which there, ugh, free is, although it is let out on each side, just because of the many repetitions, of course but, ugh, therefore this books, ugh, doesn't cover his/its character but it, it virtually consists of it, just only, ugh, the whole one in the time of, ugh, his/its, that, that, this character, ugh, to let out, but in this, ugh, matter, it would be she/it, ähm, just asks that, although that is also already again a problem then of course, if this now books the function quasi would have, ugh, or maybe that really is she/it they, ugh, the paradox of the whole one that if this books the function, ähm, to show would have, like strong itself quasi, ähm, printed books, ähm, always similar no matter what in there-stands is, then, that now would be as thought so to speak, that here just maybe more than is symbolized elsewhere, where maybe he/it admittedly also stands, but where he/it also doesn't mold programmatically in her/it just is converted if that was just so, or if the explanation, d, ähm that now stands in this over it ugh, if so to speak, ugh, or the fact common with her/its/their explanation would lead that here however one any just then, any thought would find or something interesting, then wär this actually already in the simply thinks against-productively the idea and would show just, ugh, the w, one could de, either individually indicates that now I accidental just, in which so to speak, as I now am written, not to the pure talk, ugh, capable is or is not respectively in the situation, something to, ugh, associates, ähm, which now approximately artificially any, in a fixed frequency or so, that, ugh, an intentionalität only permutes any train of thought, or just one, ugh, only purely simulated, where no one is at all, therefore that one thinks really in a way that sentence-follows approximately pointless or spoke - or sign-follows, then letter-follows as intuitively as possible on that occasion would originate, that I simply therefore am not in the situation to it but just already, admittedly on lowest, ugh, contents level and without any world-concerning one(s) or without to accept something which just here in in which sews something is or one sees here or something has I, ff, to expect, just simply so to durchreden, quasi at one, at a thought zero along line, that one never simply leaves, in, into any direction but them/her/it just simply only entlangegangen becomes, common with her/it in the time of axis, therefore a type thought talk in the time of zero, that one, ähm, tries, as always as possible only quite shortly and, to leave in quite small jumps, of which one, from which actually one, ugh, so well it goes, doesn't deviate at all, ähm, w, this deviation or these with what, or this doesn't not-deviate line from the nil simply exists that one, ugh, just again and again the same repeatedly and just again and again then would say zero zero zero zero zero zero or just like this just already also already thousandfold durchexerziert became but that just, ugh, and that is unfortunately again then, however, a sinnbildliche correspondence for, ugh, for the general culture or also the media culture that just one, ähm, itself at this nil line to such an extent entlangbewegt, exactly through the small ones, but just formally, ugh, completely insignificant and also in content in the end exchangeable changes of that, what one says, that one therefore actually never has the same materialiter, and that is, also relative, ähm, now despite all repetitions and despite all between talk, however, it simply is relative, ugh, simply statistically unlikely that one, if uses up this consistently one executes, far too often now always the same says or itself there really the wording after too much repeatedly but it rather is the matter that, ähm, one, ähm, maybe, ugh, simply, that one runs out of the meanders and maybe one in one, that would be the interesting one just asks, whether one, if one now always continued quasi and never, would force itself to stop, ugh with which proceeds or it be can continue at all also such a type long guiness-buch-der-rekorde-frage,wie one on the type now, ugh, but that is actual that should also not this aims is, one can a certain one in the time of fixes and one can then have with it, it really actually also is only about the quite ridiculous one, ugh, ugh, manages, what one then trivial-proves anyway manages, therefore it actually goes play for one where one can only win, ähm, unless, one really would become so long, writes so slowly and so slowly taps that afterward not one on them/her/it then, ugh, norm-like book length, with what one also sentence-proceed with corresponding there of course, would come ugh, it probably in relatively short in the time of on a relatively sufficient one pays down from on the part of can bring, if one simply gives up this demand that there, ugh, on each side anything other or anything interesting or at all something textual or something, which any formal convention, ugh, corresponds, no matter whether it theory be or always literature or story or something, if one these whole, ähm, pff ones, conventions just simply lets fall, therefore apart, that maybe it simply should be halfway comprehensible sentences or just not even clearly but simply sentences, that, ähm that returns which now in his/its whole triviality just, ugh, in the entrances this just now grasped idea and immediately, ugh, of course realized idea, ähm, ugh, because ugh, that also would be ridiculous of course if one then now had waited with the idea so to speak and would have gone pregnant that is of course no idea, with which one can go pregnant, ugh, that, the idea would become this, ugh, yes, yes, destroys, that would be total, ugh, against-productively, to say, ähm, one, one for example, one prepares oneself through any hires on it before, then, one would become already again a type, ugh, beforehand accumulation of possible, ähm, that then that would be no more of the istzustand but it would be one, one, of a type training of this thought-dense just then or then actually just already this, which just in the normal one writing process this falls is, that one tries, therefore, so to speak from her/it, from the thought sea and from the thought sand to out-compress the few goldkörnchen just and to assemble, so that then even, although they were out-etched river from the substantial, however again then one quite more normally, ugh, or however again then a certain one, that is again river in a substantial rationally rezipierbar simply, to do, molds, no one can speak at all of it here is, unless, it turns out by chance so or it then would be with people, that by chance similar, ähm, problems roll or, or a similar idea already once had, but she/it maybe then didn't realize and that therefore interests it, as then the whole one with somebody like me maybe, ugh, looks by chance, but that is not even, ähm, that then would be yes, so to speak therefore sooner closes and so, ugh, unfortunately again also this with what just, ugh, a type general, ugh, component, or one, an again absurdly symbolic component of it, has that it books of course with everyone in a way is, that it closes just is whether one finds anybody, that now is interested exactly for this, and that is, the absurd one, ugh that probably it w, ugh, just exactly also with books or with very many books that actually aims of a type intentional of ale one topic, one, one, a world-concerning one has, something, which they want to represent, something, which they want to reach, or the one decided, ugh, intervention, ähm - intent, ugh, pursues something, evaluations, wants to change ugh, mitprägen wants, people want to convince of something that people want to inform about something that nevertheless just as little just such books often then, ugh, on interest, like such books, pushes that, ähm, or how now this books here, which, completely what, ugh, without, ugh, this manages and actually only, ähm, now from outside seen or if one simply along-carries this claim that there something, ugh, should be represented, therefore in his/its intentional, therefore really, the total one, ugh, impertinence or the total one, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, indifference, the complete one simply denies, ugh, only or quasi she/it can show zero-grades from him/it, which one as books, ugh, can fill, ähm, and where, exactly actually it with what through it just, that one really also then zero-grades these takes and simply doesn't hush up, ähm, then, ugh, is, however again then a type intrinsic value-y character, ähm, could win, however what then, soz which therefore would be right on the one hand because then already it the idea, ugh, in, in a certain sense, ugh, recognizable would make, on the other side however naturally wrong would be, because it then thinks in him/it, that it would become recognizable as idea, of course the suggestion could set free, it also would be even meant as idea so, and represents, ugh, what the intent actually simply is not at all and he/it doesn't fall either should be, ugh, with, with this whole one, ugh, matter here, and it now is she/it, pff, still asks maybe, how very much one can extend this river and it is the tiredness one also always of course asks, so ne alertness-phases, how much, ugh, where, it is also one, ähm, of course she/it asks situation like one outside, ugh, should hold, therefore whether approximately one itself through, ugh, known dope should stop to it, preferably, ähm, to persevere this process long, to accumulate as much as possible material, ugh, and it is also an interesting of course asks, whether one, ugh, still editorially in retrospect then should intervene, because also that is a difficult one of course, ugh, matter, because if one says, one does it absolutely not, then, also the character of the idea will probably become in this respect evident of course, as simply one, ähm, that, that, ugh, this writer, in this falls for me, ugh, believes simply sooner that, ugh that is an authentic realization of that, what he/it thought there, quasi because just so thinly and so it simply so, ähm, without special mental conciseness is, just what one in the moment, where however again just one the whole one very strongly redaction and even they two three four well then maybe, by chance into this span of in-pleased half-thoughts then would compress with other half-thoughts from other spans, and one however again then just a type, ugh, ugh, work would do from although character is also given the production here of course, but if then however one just, ugh, from it one, a work in the classic one thinks, just a type of compression ähm would do then, one would have of course, ähm, ugh, this, this character, then would become ugh, or these, it is this idea, that gets lost inevitably lucidity of this realization of this idea of course, in the other side natural in a way that if one, ever after, to the example each typing error lets stand or everyone, ugh, ›äh‹ and ›ih‹ of the thought would try as seismographisch as possible, ähm, and preferably, ugh, yes, by documents, ugh, to convert, then, one necessarily comes of course and zw, admittedly quite independently from the, from the content and just, ugh, also in a fairway, where again, one distracts from the pure idea, that would be to be converted here, in that namely one into the whole topoi and formal conventions of the authentic one again enters approximately that one, ugh, to the example, lets stand broken off sentences that one, ugh, ahem, no, no comma scores points no one and does over long times, ugh, that one leaves repetitions inviolate saying, just, and in the extremely-falls until to typing errors or until to any hires that writes nobody at all more in a normal one ugh, wants to have, ähm, and therefore a type, ugh, through it that one, ähm, just this, which as writes originates, lets stand, ähm, this illusion of an immediate thought mimesis then, ugh, ugh, here, ähm, äw, w, further, ugh - helps, and, what then illustrates of course, since, that exactly the problem can simply be here namely that, ugh, these, these conventions of the authentic one just the thought mimesis exactly in the end can adjust, and maybe, ugh, one, even one later edited writes, ugh, in the nature, much, ugh, thought mimetic even with one completely, ugh, even with one largely, ugh, drains and, and hollow train of thought nevertheless just then still the thought mimesis, ugh, molds can be, ähm, and, pfh, yes, and, maybe it would be good as well, but that simply then is really already a difficult condition, ugh, if one created this that one, and, I already see, that simply is the problem, and that is now natural also again myself-explanatory and that is also again, ugh, yes, unfortunately even with this dull type, ugh, rekursiv, but, ähm, the thought would be even whether one would succeed in hardly moving away from this zero in such a stream, without which the whole one in the time of itself too thematisieren, the wär of course then the biggest, if one created this, since, that with what it would be also again paradoxical because if one then made it namely or if now I it, where I spare so differently has started, however actually always namely, ugh, in small circles over it talks, and with it just continuously, or this actually uses up exists that I the whole one in the time of always that, what I say exactly, ähm, so in a type retentionalaufbietung always immediately again just thematisiere and always by chance so then to quite easily changed matters comes, and if I now tried to give it up, I either became pierce one gotten, therefore one in the time of, one, one, where nothing at all, one, passes one, tore off of the gedankenfadens, and I would have just to begin quite again, and, ugh, so that, ugh, one really actually then would have one, a new one books or a new one, ugh, type this, ähm, thought leadership at the whole one, ugh, at it, real-timewise, or but I, ähm, would have to just, ugh, tries, ähm, it, to associate the whole one in a way, that just I, ugh, there would be also the trick of course that I would try, so, ähm, so exceptionally these, ähm, to therefore choose these myself-relevant recourses, that at all no more she/it as myself-relevant recourses, ugh, manifesto would become, and that would become just means, one would have a type pure, ugh, one, one, a type pure gedankenflow that nevertheless has any type of associative connection, without to nevertheless move away ness, ähm, from this zero for itself in any textual then, and that is however something, where, now I simply to what also in the moment, even if in principle ichs, ugh, should be able, ugh, simply too tired would be, therefore I really can actually not concentrate anyway, is actual in this respect, ugh, in, in one, ugh, this the danger with what a slips off just already to a topic, namely to the own situated ness, is, but, ähm, nevertheless I can this once at intervals, ugh, absolutely says that just I now through through which has exactly exactly the tiredness, that I now write during him/it, ugh, actually in a not at all so bad position is but already physically actually relatively pleasantly, ugh, ugh, that is a difficult decision, for the reader, additional with what is, that books only the printed one sees, whether possibly not I the whole one also only fake just and the river maybe through it generates that I in reality in one, he, in one, ähm, ugh microphone interferes and the whole one electromagnetic records and just then afterward in arduous detailed work maybe has typed out from any helpshelper, that then, ugh, so to speak she/it shit-fixes had pulled with the whole one, ähm, plays and that could of course equally is, and that is of course really, however, from him/it, ugh, writes from hardly decision-cash in the end, therefore maybe for any psychologist, that, pff, since, ähm, that, therefore of course it immediately is decision-cash, it immediately would be decision-devoid of, if one really, if really I, ähm, me would shore up on it, ugh, in the really fells it I in the course of time had done, and I me then just after it would become stiff, the whole one really word to type out for word and to keep an eye on nothing completely clearly then would be it of course that here I, ähm, me, ugh, not this so wrote, bezie, therefore fast and so near at the own thought in fact simply probably can actually write hardly anyone, because simply is not practiced mans, because that is exactly this, which one in the writing process always prevents, because one shits this whole one so to speak or these whole ones beside - and zero-thoughts, that just here now, however, ähm, relatively, ugh, one cannot without now say filter-loosely, but however relatively, ugh, ähem, prevents explicitly to become or to be suppressed, that now out-come, because then exactly they, ugh, ugh, repressed becomes, and therefore it is natural in a way that then writes one with the normal one in the end simply, even if so to speak one the completely pointless one and only before itself formed an association or not absolutely pointless, but this simply only at will trivial to itself, or as well not even absolutely trivial but this simply only before itself to-associated that formed an association somehow linguistically to itself and not tearing off, if one therefore tries this, ähm, to convert, consistently, then would become even, if there one in one, a tape script, no one types out at all writing-molds just originates as well as turned back, if one writing-molds it in her/it just would do, then would be, ugh, it just quite clearly none tape script but possibly one, a type reworked tape script, but one immediately would become this at the type of literary stylization, that always then starts, if one therefore tries, from the font language, ugh, to then simulate out verbality later, this immediately would attract attention and would be completely clear just, is from here however natural simply, ugh, it, it is one, a difficult question, of course, because, one must so it for oneself of course, ugh, de, thinks, ähm, it already is, ugh, it would be already natural, ähm, that that tries dear or a possibility dear, ähm, therefore it actually would be both, both possibilities or both types of the deception, ugh, to think through, the whole, on the one hand the deception, simply before itself to associates, in the microphone, although one, or, to do so, as one, ähm, would associate it to oneself in the microphone, ähm, although one writes it in reality, ähm, or turned back just, ähm, it in reality, ugh, to, to, ugh, in the, ugh, to, to write, or into the microphone or turned back, I now know not any more around, as it was, but there are both these possibilities anyway, that also is quite clear, and the difficult one is yes that not so really at all one this just, ugh, could decide well, because of course, if, ugh, one must think through the whole possibilities, because if I now first spoke into the microphone of course, then, I would have later of course if I really should type out the whole one and should be so madly and this works for me should do, or should find any poor human being, that does these for me, does, ugh, or accordingly, ugh, ugh, rich should become that then I someday maybe in, in some in the time of then somebody would have, that me, that I could condemn to it, to make this for me, if that therefore was so, would have another possibility of the later editing I then of course, of course also again what a type now, ugh, again an absurd one, ugh, general or one not necessarily wanted, ugh, general component then, but this itself also now just maybe because she/it simply is not wanted exactly, also, ugh, then also once doesn't execute but simply gets away from this executes of the general components, although also this, this not-executes the general component also again one, one, of course ugh, ugh, shows that simply simply I in the stream, in which I am in there, through it that already it him/it, already gives and through it that however I the recourses in any type just from beside consciousness stores, just already again, ugh, quasi on a metaebene me now decides, where I noticed, that that was a recourse, and I, I him/it just simple now which is of course the flattest thing, of which one immediately then always thinks, is negates, although, ugh, I actually, ähm, would have remained much near at the zero, if probably simply I, ähm, so, ähm, in a type, ugh, not therefore so far quasi would have swung back with the different types of this, that at all therefore, me not on these, ähm, asks so exactly would have admitted, and not at all these different possibilities that therefore I on the one hand, ähm, book-molds later into them/her/it edits or also from her/it book-molds into them/her/it quasi then, in which speechform, ähm, could edit or could write the whole one first also to the example, ähm, later, however, ugh, from sting-scores points out could speak, and me there a concept, ähm, been able to do and therefore, ugh, so to speak d, d, also the whole idea of course in the end a fake, in the sense, could be that however, I would have practiced already previously just, would have projektioniert, ähm, me would have put in on it, this idea would have had already five years ago, so that would have gone pregnant and would have thought up me all possible great formulations already previously, ugh, what would be in this respect even more embarrassing then of course, as then he/it of course, ugh, that of course still, the content of the book, ugh, now covered consciousness on the writer, even silly natural would be, if then therefore this now so not only the from him/it got along to itself associated would be but as well the compressed and quasi the fruit or this, ugh, that then, the essence, from him/it, which one would think otherwise, that would be interesting even in this respect, as then actually one somebody, that so, ugh, hollow would be that quasi what now books here in this, what only simply stands there, as simple so that stands there something, stands, d, if one, ugh, then so to speak somebody, if, if, if one had somebody, where what simply now stands there, with, ugh, ähm, quasi already an essence would be, then would be interesting quasi to know, which then really with ever, with this human being, ähm, ähm, to mitschneiden would be, if he/it didn't become faken but if he/it clear-writes in his/its total uncompressed ness and his/its absolute silly ness, ähm, and real-writes would talk, that, ugh, wär of course then already a type of this, the emptiness or the abysmal ness, that then, ähm, ugh, probably interesting intrinsic value would have and however then of course also the problem, to become then again literary interesting, would have, with what, ugh, the whole one now of course should not be confused with, ugh, with simple dullness, that one therefore then would have to be already somebody to the example of course, that shall, that then tried to remain at this topic and somehow this topic the whole one in the time of to, to, or these, this nil to grasp position somehow and to hold this could not now be somebody that simply only a crossword puzzle solves or, ugh, tries, ähm, ugh, ugh, ff, any pays, ugh, to aufaddieren, ugh, and with it just two meets intellectually abgefilmt quasi becomes that doesn't can could not be this the alternative one, ugh, just this type of emptiness, that now I just my but a type of thought-free ness, from nothing real, ähm, from, from, from, ähm, just, movements of the nil line, that simply doesn't aim so strongly at it, the whole one, ugh, now any type from or this, that not obsessive just like which now is with me in the end, however, so that I simply am not bored and not I with it sad becomes and I with it my, my physical ones was entitled holds and of course probably also from, ugh, vanity, because just I, however, ugh, thinks of course, which, what, I must already myself, ugh, or because secretly then however I me just maybe ugh, with, ugh, strains, probably something, to manage sensible, in her/it in the time of, so that at least now and then one, ähm, ugh, thinks, now would be available something here, therefore, it then would be even, ugh, to see, interestingly, as, ugh, as this type this zero, these movements of the zero in a way could be minimized that one, ugh, without to now repeat itself/themselves manifesto, ugh, what I had said also already a moment ago, ähm that nevertheless one through so quite small, ugh, umschiffungen or through as small as possible, but wär then also again of course problematically in this respect as this, ugh, then again of course an individual art form would be, that wahrscheinlich also own, ähm, own theses or one, own topoi, own possibilities, ugh, would exert, ähm, and, or one, an individual type from, from topik would develop, ugh, now with what exactly such a now puts, but that is also again an appeal of course, but such a puts, where now one five, also because of the tiredness, ugh, so often after a word seeks, and, and three four times any stupid, wrong word says, and then first maybe, and then not even with the fourth times the right one, but then simply further-talks, because just no more one further, or, ugh - writes, or further-talks, that from now, from which books, is even to decide no more from at all, but where one, ugh, simply then, ugh, continues, because one in the gedakenfluß, ugh, ugh, wants to in there-remain, ähm, an interesting one then is fell this of course, in so far as, ähm, one then really here before them/her/it, ugh, election is put, whether one lets then later stand the whole one so, as it still simply now stands or stood like it previously maybe, one can now manufacture this also from her/it book-molds at all no more takes, whether it was different previously just or was edited, or whether the mistakes been possibly in-edited now just even later, so that one later could then take on concerning and then the whole one the fruit of a thought up one quasi, ugh, matter is, ugh, what of course, one already must see this, of course then the infinitely weaker, ugh, matter now would be, in the outside perception although it doesn't have any consequence at all in the end because if it, ugh, now so to speak, ähm, besides which that if one could now reflect by chance on such matters and could introduce itself just, that the whole one slides in one single associative just so would have been created and one then could think that this associative one slides within a quarter of an hour so or just in, in real-in the time of so fast ran out, and one then just for it one, a certain so authentistische, ugh, geistesstrombewunderung can find, that, ähm, then would be yes, a type, he, sale argument for maybe five, ugh, misdirected, ugh, ugh, artistry lovers, but therefore it would not go exactly just but it would become straight, ugh, goes therefore, that one, ähm, could show that one could either show, ähm that one that, it actually goes with this in the end, however, ugh, matter, then, but that would be again just, thinks again or at all, it is, it is yes, one is on the last so to speak he/it grades ion appeal, if then again one the das-wäre-wieder, ähm, as a das-wäre-wieder, ugh, exposes, and, ugh, itself actually then, ugh, can further-move no really more, in this spiral, from it one just simply must away, and, ähm, no, but it would be, ugh, or also one no, whether no at all as such one here one, ugh, could abandon, ähm, because one already then suggests with it that somewhere one differently hinwill and that just however one a certain intentionalität itself the whole one in the time of, ähm, vorbehält, and, ugh, however actually in the end pursues, ähm, and, ugh, that, if this falls her/it namely is, then, ugh, however, the whole one would get completely intrinsic value-y character again just or it would become even, and that is, then would be so to speak for, ugh, people, the such effects, ugh, examines, ähm, quite interestingly or maybe or probably maybe, however, of course also for only them/her/it, ugh, one would become, an example then would have again just, like one, she/it writes, or how idea molds one, a final verschriftlichete or executed the manifestos just, that actually she/it, ähm, pursues, ugh, then, ugh, therefore once again dismantles, ähm, and one then can oneself, ugh, ähm, thoughts, ähm, do whether this or in what way that is not always just so and then however that would be natural also actually a wiederlegung of the theory, because if it always was namely so, it also would be even in this matter no special-falls that then would have to attract particularly attention just but it then would be only this just, which anyway, ugh, always this falls would be, and, ugh, it would be in the opposite even in a way that if of m, if it then became particularly manifesto just, so that somebody, that wants to substantiate this theory, in it an especially good, ähm one, ugh, or ah, one fells for itself sees, then, ugh, he/it would have to be careful that his/its whole theory would not be refuted with it, because just one, a theory should cover, that equally actually writes itself on all then quasi, actually no one parade-fells, ugh, can know, and where, where, therefore we already really now are in danger, ähm, with what on an individual thematic, seduce through, ugh, decided no more purely just in the text-fills, ähm, lifted, ugh, intents and idiosyncrasies of the author, therefore now really already in danger, ugh, was at least, ähm, maybe already not any more now is, because also long ago again the thought somehow extinct or no more further away-supplies away-supplies is, but we were in danger to remove us clearly from, ugh, this, which also itself as zero therefore actual now, which still with, at the not so clearly still starts at all the matter was that just itself this as, ugh, intention would develop, at the starts it was yes, if I remember right, it was sooner, that one books simply only one with something just fills, and it actually still was not at all, ugh, yes, as I started, at all not still, ugh, fixed that, ugh, this filling of just not also, however, certain textual type could be, and maybe, if one was sufficiently brilliant just, ugh, also in a sensible history could exist, that then just after, ugh, type famous author, ähm, of a type of just so-called brilliant authors, ugh, meets one maybe also in three, a veritablen novel then would have produced or a long story, that simply doesn't attract attention as three day product at all, but where only one this three day piece of information as additional then, ugh, covers of the staunensollens of so big creativity and produktivität and concentration still behind then after-been enough gets, although one simply looks at this of the matter itself not at all, because also she/it with the compressed hires of other people, ugh, can compete, maybe even just the advantage still has that she/it even, because so she/it in the rustles, ugh, originated and originated so fast, simply from a casting works and doesn't show the whole joints and hinges, that together-compressed such from longer time periods just, ugh, hires, has mostly, or almost always, almost on everyone falls has, ähm, and therefore the big one, ähm, is just asks whether this whole matter lets executed itself, as she/it lets executed itself, at all so further, it also would be an interesting one incidentally asks, ugh, but this takes too much away position also from already the nil simply then, whether itself, if uses up the whole one one would repeat, an approximately similar alignment or also a similar wording would yield, therefore not, what believes we I a moment ago, or something I a moment ago already once, but with it we us right understands, not he/it falls that somebody else been able to make here the same long ago already so similarly or just as already previously maybe or just also, what would be only gradually different, but doesn't surprise either, would be, that it lands to the example in another or in another language, ugh, what would not matter also in the moment already had done, if one didn't know it or if nobody knew something of it, but this asks then would be, whether one it itself, if one it, ugh, just in ah, to a later time period once again would try, whether it even quasi, if one in this, ähm, in, in this, then stands in this intention not to have any intention, however, and simply around-moves about such a zero, however then always to this resembles topoi and same pictures and same turns, ähm, would come or as deceased strongly individually it this just would be, where then something just to, therefore what the consideration, ähm, simply then suggests as, if now all people of the world this experiment once quasi, or something is called experiment, these, this, these process just once, ugh, would do, how differently the results then would be, and whether there just then were people, that, whether also just it a type, ähm, a type then, however, ugh, ah sch, therefore strong different ness, ugh, would give, or whether however itself, ähm, maybe the mixed ness then only on asks the formulation, therefore in the end on then asks the formation and the prior knowledge has reduced that just people, that, ugh, especially many know or also know what's what art-historically, or just, ugh, ugh, in, in the literature history versed is, simply then have more so myself-reflexive matters, maybe also verunsicherter is, while then simply manages it others, ugh, or doesn't manage either, ugh, therefore, either therefore not at all manages, this completely, this, this, these to grasp this idea at all and to convert, what can be without further but naively would tell about itself just simply quasi, and, ugh, with what this, that what now is produced here, therefore would be less naive, is not called, that simply would be she/it just so to speak, that is but virtually is in the opposite what is produced here, the looked at naivete of somebody, that thought these a now comparatively unnaiven thought, but it würdwäre just however this asks, whether too decided, whether locates to different times, to different, ähm, and different societies just different types and sets, this possible one circles about this zero or about this pure one in the time of filling with thoughts, if that is the task, ugh, in the time of, to fill, with writing, or simply with spoken talks, ähm, ugh, what is in retrospect no more decision-pure simply then, ähm, that, whether, ugh, itself there, ähm, as well as with one same as also with all possible other people, ugh, one, whether maybe it would recur even directly or it would recur like exact, or whether however, the same matters would come in a changing sequence just always then maybe, and would permute through the individual people so maybe, or whether it decided, ugh, topoi would give that especially frequently then would be or others, that particularly, ugh, rarely, this of all, would occur ugh, one could then examine, this goes try forth from such an individual one here of course, and it also would be of course, ugh, however in a way that one, ugh, if one that then at will often would repeat just, also at, ugh, then probably, however, at something like authenticity would lose, even if just already the first realization, just like here, actually everyone, ähm, everyone, yes, possible literary, ugh, authenticity, ugh, in the end then, however, ugh, would mock, what a, however interesting would be, would be natural, ugh, just him/it also tries in areas to execute, that later just really at all no also binding, ugh, with what, yes this then also again of course this asks is, ugh, in what way, ähm, one then here just from a type vernetzung of the individual one(s) tries could speak, that is, if so to speak one, tries to different times, therefore it would be a big one distinguished, whether one naively tries to different times in each case could do, or whether one tries them/her/it at the different times, just like it just in the reality is furnished, then however only under the condition of partial prior knowledge, that it already tries the former gave, could execute, decisively what the whole one bid order of course, ähm, yes, modifies, and, and widens, ähm, and that would be natural, ähm, that, ugh, yes that could with it one, ugh, maybe, ugh, something, ähm, pfh, pfh, yes that would be this then, before all also hires, the effect then would emerge that, if really, ugh, ähm, the s, the settings, that also however here, with this, now maybe ugh, maybe first, not first tries, but tries at least with this real one, that now is executed exactly here, that therefore with the first idea stehengebliebe not only now, that maybe one could do this once but he/it is really executed simply now, ähm that, ugh, if so to speak itself this, also this thought, this short one, ugh, nullweggehgedanke that one, ugh that could execute broadly maybe ugh, such a certain one would become natural, ugh, a certain one, even if weak, ugh, wit function then gets, if he/it locates in each realization to everyone in the time of and at everyone then so to speak and simply would recur with each human being, then would have, then, a type then would have so to speak, ugh, ähm, ugh, yes a type just not even contradiction but a type gleichheit, that in the end, ugh, then, ugh, ridiculous is, but then scores points also from one certain ones with the prior knowledge, namely the other, just ugh, matters, at all also no more then, ugh, with what that is also again the big problem of course possibly would become, that one, ugh, in the moment, where one would execute many times this of course, then as said already an individual genre would have, ugh, directly, ähm, which then simply itself like every literary type or type tradition then just with certain, ugh, in more definitely wisely would consolidate someday, and then someday one, ugh, yes probably simply then the whole normal, ugh, literature history or any quite normal one(s) type history then would after-build with all possible mixtures and varieties and classic, ugh, climaxes and fall of studies and decay, ugh - appearances, ugh, that, ugh, probably would be no more in the moment just then, ugh, interestingly, although it would have the advantage of course that it this, this ah, this now relatively or from our awareness from, because probably would have wirs otherwise, because such Bl, dull innovation aestheticians also is we likely that wirs otherwise probably not at all had done, if already would have known wirs, that there is already this, then wärs us namely, and that is also a big danger that if there was already the one now, and it somehow then just, however, notorious would become, that one would become the others abturnen from the start then of course, if at all just one them with this, therefore besides maybe with students, if one then came for them with this unreasonable demand, that to then should do once as well, ugh, whether, although it would be executed classically and then once with the bonus of the authenticity, if it really now was just the first once, just just already quasi, then, it would have no one of course, ugh, no one, ugh, provokes more for the others, ähm, and, ugh, that, then, one has of course, ugh, yes, none, ugh, also none, no legitimation or one would become at every new passageway for itself just always then maybe, more and more disagreeably or also always nice, ugh, with that, what one simply then does there, and, and says, also not this they with what of course, that, ugh, criterion, ähm, should be an interesting matter is she/it of course that one, if it really is one, it, they of course, then of course also this balances, ugh that however, one then notices at all first in this situation, in which one now is, that however more or less quasi one the whole one then in the time of at the piece should talk, none far too long traces should do, because as soon as one traces one does, it even then is this, ugh, clearly, tears off the thought-insipid one(s) of course, and one has thought-insipid then at intervals quiet, that then completely at, threads, that are connected completely differently, as this open one, manifestos, that at least linguistically always somehow, even if no there concerning one in content actually is at all, but this linguistically then, ugh, always so more or less together, however, ties, ugh, even if that rather obviously was already once exactly lost now a moment ago, this connection, but in her/it regulates however, it simply is in a way that itself this through language, ähm, or in the language or in that this simply spoke, this rate educational appliance, and also before all, he/it hire, the pointer appliance ähm, angesch is connected and runs, ähm, then, one has a quite different type of this of course, ugh, that, ugh, ähm, this, this, of this, the realization of him/it, which then comes out there and becomes manifesto something there, inner type, that just one, ugh, if forms an association to itself only so or if one forms an association to oneself at intervals and then simply waits only so, ähm, actually at all doesn't have, with what also she/it simply asks is, to what extent the particular ef, ugh, aspect here now still with it is connected that now however one at these, ähm, still, at, actually what the whole one also impure as konz, it simply is she/it asks, whether this, whether the limitation on this or whether they, whether he/it, whether the eingebundenheit into the medium, ugh, whether maybe also typewriter so to speak or taperecording, whether this, ähm, the whole one, or something this actually, ugh, whether that of a type verunreinigung is concerning the purifizierte idea, whether it actually therefore would be the best, one really would have a type inner thought protocol, what one could then submit from somebody, therefore simply one prints from that, what he/it thinks, there with what of course one also these whole linguistic formulation matters could leave out, or on the käm it simply no more then just at, or whether just it, however, ugh, according to interest, ugh, about it, goes, as this medium updates itself simply quasi itself, or if this conscious intellectual scores points just, ugh, now not o, completely without sake, one cannot say this of course because however, the will is pre-determined through this idea now of course, but aims without specific intent and without spezifisches, in this, however ugh, St, in this formation scheme somehow, ugh, moves, whether this scheme then becomes visible through it, maybe also in his/its engheit, in his/its imbecility, that writes in a normal one, visible always becomes must become cover, through it that just one itself preferably little repeatedly, no repeatedly words, as smart as possible turns, ugh, installs, therefore actually the whole one in the time of, ähm, so that is busy, the reader of this zero, ugh, zero-was entitled associative ähm from this actual one, from this dull zero position, on which we now are, to take away, or to adjust them/her/it constantly and to make forgotten, ugh, or, not to let manifesto become at all, but that then is, ugh, as well as if she/it then becomes manifesto, then, ugh, that always is so, therefore normally as if this would happen sake to the text against him/it, always becomes write him/it subordinated or the intentionalität behind him/it always writes subordinated, she/it would have him/it sake, just not on this nil position, to come, and just no pure talk or no pure one, ugh, gel-but, to be, no on the part of-filling-gel-but, so, so that just at all the talk first as talk then, ugh, is diagnosed and mostly also then of course same, ugh, ähm, is devalued, because just it, n, never as, as so intendiertes talk, ähm, ugh, recognizable is made, during which of course here n now just, through the textual binding and through this particular order, that here, ugh, now runs, ähm, that, that actually, ähm, of course already, ugh, once, ähm, quasi, ähm, can be executed, and, ugh, that of course that is also a certain advantage this, ugh, this order, and this disadvantage of the normal text, that writes normal, just can, ugh, either just this nil position, that just he/it, ähm, as, as writes at itself maybe or as manifestation at itself or as language-molds them/her/it at itself just, that would be, asks, there one would have to think which maybe this then would be at all actually or as sichäußernwollen or as, as, as intendierter thought stream, that is complete, I my, that it then now finally books in the end one becomes, the pure one also close in the end of course, ähm, because, ugh, that simply the so distinktionsschwangere and for them/her/it, for the vanity, ähm, ähm, even fundamental idea is, or the first idea is, that maybe one simply has, ugh, or maybe, ugh, although maybe that also is only purely individually certain of course, one, one, maybe a film-maker would have sat down talking these, f, before the camera then just, and or if he/it had been accordingly audience-effective just, ähm, and or that makes itself this necessary one this total one, this total dull talk and this, ridiculous also with it, which walks around with it of course, ähm simply that actually there one then, ugh, yes, although it is of course deliberate on the one hand that one nothing real, ugh, textual takes, but on the other side, ugh, it is natural, however, it then falls on the intentionalität in the end of course, ugh, back, but that just it as books comes out, possibly with an author-name, although one also would have to zapruworamon of course with the books all possibilities frankly that just also over pseudonymous or, to in some other way then move away from the real author, one still then can this well afterward, just, unfortunately, like one just with her/it book-molds all just afterward unfortunately can think, because can relatively rarely prove mans, because one has one type hardly each public Produktion before oneself, where really one somebody, ugh, sits down, an author, and at the best live one with the camera or in the watches television abfilmt, transfers with the writes and just simply then the written one immediately in a way publishes that therefore really one his/its, his/its performance in the, in the, in the narrow one thinks, as, as, as, as, ugh, as, or as, ugh, ähm, ugh, works once in the time of, just, ähm, can then but so appraise it is not mostly but the people then has meet the possibility to drain itself/themselves just and night, and, ugh, to drain the whole environment also just and to in-compress settings into certain, ähm, these, ugh that is at so ner, relatively neutral environment, with what this also now asks one of course, in what way at all I they, ähm, ugh, f, real conditions now, ugh, therefore, because now now, the hätt I quasi already then betrays that I, ugh, so now anyway itself the impression has, also wenns not at all actually maybe is correct, but that I would have the impression at least, I now would be relative in one, ähm, neutral surroundings, at least therefore not in one, in an extreme situation, that deflects me in any sense, from this nil position very strongly, ugh, where just, or this so to speak so strongly already on this nil position externally is executed, ugh, approximately in that I in a completely dark one, ugh, would be sound-dead area or so, where then itself my, my, ahem, attention inevitably on any inner processes would direct or even on on which nurses or something, which could become this type manifest, but that simply is not fell her/it all but it is such a balanced one attention-loosely zero, ähm, simply, ugh, accustomed, ugh, atmosphere trappings, but, ähm, that, ugh, would be not at all, ugh, said, that this would have to be necessarily so, ähm, it then would be natural that outside-around so the atmosphere, ugh, so, ugh, distracting would be, that it would be no more at all possible, at all, ugh, d, that, ugh, actual aims, namely this filling of this on the part of, ähm, in the, to hold in the eye, with what already she/it rolls a strong one in the time of circumstances here of course, plays, also there the whole matter already now is not yet from the actual exit setting of course, ugh, defines in the end, because it wär of course also one asks, whether one should intensify a total of this through it that for example one, ähm that executes as competition, maybe also in the sense, that one asks, whoever can meet on this type, ähm, in the three or like long mans also always does, that so clearly is not of course decided now really as well, as perseveres long at all mans, or whether maybe one has the nose fully simply already much earlier and then just, ugh, already breaks off, that is to be still decided not at all at the present time, ähm, or if one, ugh, now at the typewriter sits, ugh, or at the computer sits, ugh, it can be, that any is canceled is or one simple, ugh, any file full is or if one, ugh, the whole one, with which, ugh, with which, ugh, microphone and him/it, him/it, that recorder would do, ugh, one would have them/her/it of course, ugh, ugh, the matter that one, ugh, or this, one would have the difficulty, ugh that one, that one possibly runs out of the batteries or the cassetten go out and one then must stop simply inevitably, exactly, if one didn't prepare the whole one but out simply only spontaneously from this dull idea, ähm, began, then, one doesn't have of course either, ugh, now, ugh, the possibility, since at will, ugh, to improve the setting then, and it simply is a quite crucial one asks therefore is same, whether one then intervenes into the matter later so that just it later inserted on any, ähm, intentionalität, is no matter like this, therefore approximately this a, the intentionalität, that it should work as genuinely and genuinely as possible, ugh, that it therefore should work as so as possible, as it now was real, or but that just somehow more brilliantly it from quiet vanity then, however, or compressed or should work better or thought-more richly, as it was real, or that one, ugh, then just simply tries, it, so that also again it works genuinely, it possibly less, to trim, even less brilliantly, as it was and to therefore insert dullness later quasi, ugh, or, to between-join, ähm, or lines decided, that then maybe with the, ähm, in, ugh - it then slams the whole history afterall unconsciously there was, ugh, just in retrospect still to, to remove, ugh, about, about, either about, ugh, and it simply is at all the big one asks, whether one should try, writes him/it to shape so, ugh, of course what also somehow spielverderberisch and, ugh, not only vainly but then therefore also, in the end also stupid is, because one probably then gains the opposite with it, if one tries this, but whether one should try that writes just preferably to, preferably, ugh, to plate, in the sense, that he/it betrays little, therefore preferably, ugh, therefore, ugh, quasi, these, this nil position possibly frankly holds, possibly also therefore as frankly as possible holds, whether it, whether, whoever always wrote this, ugh, one can from certain of course, ugh, saying uses ago quite simply can educational-stand one after him/it analyzes and one also relatively simply probably can the sex and maybe also this old, ugh, analyzes, ugh, one can, ugh, analyzes, what the one one for structure-pretended has, that part then he/it to the just manifesto does, for others, maybe he/it doesn't make manifesto, or how much he/it has on at all hires that he/it has, that he/it doesn't do manifesto, in reserve, therefore he/it, he/it thinks, to the example, while him/it, while he/it speaks, ugh, be, he/it thinks there much or how much thinks he/it how much he/it has in his/its beside consciousness, during he/it is well received the runs, how many, ähm, how many, ugh, he/it, or how many, has prisons ähm, how many, ugh, ahem, how many, ugh, he/it, that maybe he/it now doesn't say simultaneously, has thoughts but this he/it, that so to speak his/its thought stream they constrict or decided for him/it, ugh, then reminds from the side gives or this just also the further one(s) association walk, ugh, already in the a moment ago-one decides and that maybe he/it senses so previously, therefore, or, ugh, to the example, or this him/it with screams, this him/it, that him/it as regulate, that however, he/it then holds implicitly, to the example, that he/it doesn't name any concrete names, maybe exactly, in order not to betray itself/themselves, although maybe that simply then is exactly all the more treacherous, ähm, but that he/it, ugh, itself just not particularly situates in a certain one in the time of or so, now apart that now he/it here just through, through the designation from, from computer and, ugh, mikrophonaufzeichnugsgerät already clear is, that the whole one cannot now play in the seventeenth century, but it wär of course also the possibility there, that one tries, ugh, to leave the whole one as in the abstract as possible, and preferably without any, ähm, decided ugh, defined ness the whole one, ugh, to do, therefore she/it asks is simple, whether one should try in principle the whole one so, ugh, to, to konstellieren, ähm, and, the second asks then is, ugh, that, whether one simply can this at all or whether the will then simply is not already automatically against-productive to it, but whether one should try simply itself, ähm, that that writes or to shape the result in a way that it itself or the final result, whatever is, it may be, it can be that then nevertheless one it, if however, one picked up it to the example on microphone originally then and but simply too lazy is to be typed it out, that just however one it then as bound brings out or maybe even just as both, as bound with the transcription, but whether, she/it reason-asks she/it was just whether one should make the whole one in a way that itself, that one can betray as little as possible, ähm, in fact on the one hand one itself, therefore, whoever is one, and something one wants and which, which wishes and one has thoughts and so on, ugh, and on the other side however just also this product, ähm, or just in her/it, in the correlation, therefore that as little as possible the product the author, ugh, betrays, or also, that the author betrays the product as little as possible, ugh, or whether just one a type, ugh, ähm, or whether it actually is much near position because of this nil simply, that that simply is completely no matter, that one therefore could simply say just, ähm, it, I, is ugh, I simply am a woman, I am fifty-six years old, I, ugh, works, ähm, as, ugh, as somewhere supermarktkassiererin supermarket, ähm, and, ugh, that one could simply admit this just, or just that one would not lie just but the real one would say just, or something, ähm, therefore would say whether one, d, therefore is this a multi-stage matter of course, whether one does it at all concretely and whether one then makes it really actually concrete, therefore whether one on that occasion lie or at all like fictitious one, ugh, the whole one understands, ugh, and as, as very much then one this fiktionalität or this fictitious one as fictitious, ugh, recognizable makes or not, ähm, without then through it, ugh, in, in, to slip off into a novel or to suddenly start, to have any erzählzusammenhang, that is so strong or then develops so own-terrestrial, ähm, that oscillates he/it from this, ähm, of this about this nil thought stream around then too far, ugh, goes away, or whether then not itself this someday anyway, ugh, this oscillates about this nil thought stream maybe even like now, where relatively I in the moment, ugh, is relaxed actual, ähm, ugh, whether this doesn't stabilize in a way, that one doesn't come in danger any more someday then anyway to then slip off into any direction that completely even this danger allerhöchstens maybe at the starts existed, again someday, or appears maybe at intervals or appears maybe in phases, where one really then has to little energy or where one is too awake or then to tired, and therefore from this normal one electricity levels, ähm, out, ugh - falls too much, or whether however, it, ähm, simply is in a way that then it to everyone, however, in the time of or just also later maybe this possibility, into something completely different, gives ugh, to drift off, ähm, that now in him/it, in the moment, as long as just one the whole entstehungsbedingungen, therefore as long as one really has this as topic, ähm, one virtually actually has one, one of course un, infinite topic, therefore as long as one is at all awake, ugh, one can more and more aspects there of course, ugh, on this boring rekursive type then, ugh, lists and, and, and durch-x-en, and that is for, then maybe for some, for young, ugh, people, that, ugh, then these whole ones, that there was in this type already previously, hires ähm, doesn't know, ugh, maybe this then can, ugh, halfway interesting is, ugh, exactly like also this vanity, itself just always itself half, ugh, to slate, with all, which one does, and, and these, these, these cynically, ugh, to make once manifesto, or this, allesschondahaltung fatalistic now and then always, this artificial one itself not serious takes, which at all not actually, so to speak so strongly what one, ugh, ugh, thematis, or something one not at all so strongly thematisieren can, itself that in the end not mans then, however, ugh, on one that doesn't sit in the end it on one, however, remains, or one it however then just sometimes so strongly thematisieren can that sits no more it on one then, however, can remain, or sits no more on one, that is, however, one then in the end somehow, ugh that one, that all remove one, that it is really no matter for one or that it is not no matter for one that hangs ähm, of course also with it, ugh, together, whether one really then publishes it at the end or not, what one doesn't have to, one kanns also in the drawer leaves, and, ugh, then, it could so präpotent and so, so hollowly and so vain and beknackt is, as it wants, and one nevertheless would not work outside so, simple, because one doesn't let it at all out simply, I don't want to know how much hires this type somewhere dozes, or because maybe no other also let it out, because one also would have to this, one would have to, yes, if one wanted to publish it somehow, one would have to one, one, a label finds or one would have to find a publishing house, ugh, or, ugh, that they, this whole matter also brings out, if doesn't make mans even, and with it narrowly one then automatically already the rezipientenkreis, because of course, the smaller he/it locates is, or ever, the more hidden he/it locates is where the whole one, all the less, appears ugh, it will be perceived and all the less, ugh, therefore, all the more, this actually then resembles already him/it leaves in the drawer, but, ähm, nevertheless she/it simply is asks, ugh, however completely maybe, ugh, to take up, again or at all also these, these afraid, anything again to take up or to repeat, ähm, someday then, however, ugh, to cast off, or simply, ähm, although of course this also this, ugh, that, where, on what I actually out-want exactly, ugh, just again then marks, however, this, this phenomenon of the ever further stabilization, although one actually tells nothing, although there is actually piece of information no manifestos, to nothing, which the reader or the reader learn about something, is no one, no from outside piece of information, obvious it simply in a way that, ugh, simply already the stream so far is consolidated and this nothing, which simply is orbited slowly there, itself just with each new sentence and each new, ähm one(s), about, orbit however on and on so far konturiert and manifests, that it could be that just it, ugh, ever simpler becomes on, to talk about it, lasts, and that one then simply three-day-borders these someday, that there I me, ugh, at the starts rather by chance and rather hollowly, ugh, placed, that she/it rolls none at all more plays, because actually virtually infinitely one, ugh, could further-talk so or as well as just on the type, that would be, then madly, to the example, just a quite decided, probably outwardly, if one really finished no more, which also, ugh, a thought would be that just one these now, this three-day-borders lets fall and stops simply no really more with it, then, that would be even, yes, a certain type of craziness, that however again in itself probably kon then, however, would be consolidated, that, ugh, itself probably would carry and that maybe, whoever knows, even on lasts the whole world just then so they after-build würde,wie normally previously was, before one started with it, simply because just again itself the whole one then, ugh, however so energy-wise, ugh, again on the normal condition zubewegen would become, because it also now is in a way that not necessarily I, ugh, ugh, I am not closed the eyes, ugh, or, pff, I can maybe she/it can shut her/it/them short-term, ähm, if one, the reader doesn't know this whether I can write blindly or, pf, whether maybe I nothing at all anyway, ugh, writes, although just this, this, this hide-and-seek matter, ugh, of course also someday boring becomes, but, ugh, this alters nothing at her/it, at, at, at the fact that just simply one it, ugh, not, doesn't know, ugh, and, ugh, but where again, about now, ugh, maybe, ugh, however, however, the tiredness is not so big that now already there that I, ugh, although also always this of course, this then has something similar, ugh, cute, ugh, if one is quasi, what, such a consciousness this something simply of course, which one has really again here, that one sees this consciousness, ähm, relatively directly simply wrestling, because it itself of course, because it can admittedly express itself the whole one in the time of already still somehow, but of course over the cleverness of this articulation not really, however, has, if it is really honest, ugh, must admit, or if just really it the dull sentences, the bad bases, the v, duplications really all sees, really cannot simply hide either, like tired it is and how it is few on any height, or she/it actually becomes, that, this height, ugh, the other height, through it really defined that just one it once now on, on just at all no height but on one, on one, on an absolute one, ugh, zero position just also sees, not only thematically but just also from him/it, which about to achieve maybe it so, capable is at, at intellectual, ugh, connections, but I wanted on any, ugh, I, I laße this rope lies, because I now wanted to come again just on any other rope, ähm, that a moment ago I, ugh, already had started, and, although this actually sin-falls in one of course is, that is what should not happen, but, oh, ah, and that is now actually even myself-explanatory, if I now continue so, because I had lost the rope, but this, which I wanted to say just, and that falls, me however again now one, ähm, and, and that proves actually, that however, I had not lost the rope just, and it is exact, which I even even wanted to say, is that just really apparently it this tendency to the well, to the, to the, ugh, consolidation of a matter gives, that someday simply itself then just, ugh, ähm, then however, ugh, starts to carry, and just actually without content, without any matter, ugh, ff, just without, without special further intentionality itself just simply always only from this one intention, started just once to have, ähm, or maybe from one originally just completely, ugh, yes then even really at most silly idea, namely simply, that one books also one quite fast ready finally once wanted to have that itself, ugh, from it then, ugh, admittedly somewhat completely, ähm, which, now not particularly what, ugh, valuable is which nevertheless simply is just as there, however, like just different, ugh, such matters, ähm, one doesn't can immediately this so überinterepretieren with what now either that now there a new world or any quasi, ugh, ugh, systematic connection ensteht, because, ugh, that is in the sense not at all so, because, ähm, I would dispute that the different ones now testify, that now it the whole one then, however, in the time of gives, that among each other or thematically or so now significantly they, ugh, more among each other interconnected should be as with, ugh, elements of the outside world, with which however, they then deal somehow, although now the whole, ähm one, it not, ugh, specifically from the outside world this talks is, but the whole one becomes natural in the time of on it concerning taken, ähm, in the end, ugh, before all hires in this, in which, in the adverse demarcations, if yes, ugh, constantly then any compares is done, what, ugh, here so and so now maybe is and, ugh, then just different is, or there the type goes broadly, it, so to speak, like the world is, or how the world is seen of this consciousness here, goes in this of course, ugh, into this matter, ugh, of course one, and, ähm, one, ugh, this simply doesn't can at all, ugh, ugh, prevents, that is therefore one, one, an absolute abstract ness, ähm, would be, even if one would try this, even if one now would fix this so or if one notices, that the discourse widens in a way that actually always further-talks one with the normal one and that in the time of fills and always continues, ähm, actually none, ugh, problems more have, one could intensify also the conditions just on and on of course and could try, just as in the abstract as possible, ugh, hires as maybe as possible even that one already said or announced, to then take back again in retrospect, and to verrätseln and, ähm, just, ugh, the whole one always, always complex and, ugh, to do, more inscrutably, that would be a possibility, or just always pure, always abstract, always with less real references, or just more and more, ugh, so, ugh, to situate, as if it would be furnished in a world, ähm, the completely differently now would be as the present one, that would be, in him/it, for which, for the fundamental one formation principle, namely this talks around in her/it in the time of, ähm, that actually would be no especially big one distinguished, therefore whether now one this, ugh, quasi over them/her/it, ähm, whether one now fills this with, with the immediate one, ugh, talk about this proceeds, or whether one this with balances fills, ugh, as one makes it for the world, that is all still relatively abstract, ugh, relatively, ugh, for which therefore, for, safely, ähm, therefore that is all, ähm, is completely safely this all, in, that one could drift off approximately on any topic there or even into a story or into a history or into a type autobiography, or in something, where one, or into any topoi of this, the intimacy or the inner one or the also this, the psychological one or the situated ness, ähm, although of course situated ness already, ugh, like therefore to the example, ugh, the tiredness or alertness or, ähm, how fast one is straight, and as, whether one can form his/its sentences sensibly, whether there are certain phases there, where one, ugh, the sentences, ugh, if now one to the example, ugh, ugh, taps, then already relatively publishable, ugh, taps, while just completely one in other phases, ähm, ugh, yes only very much very strongly under normal would stand around redigierungsbedürftige then hires, ugh, to paper brings, or equally if one, ugh, now would talk, ähm, and also at all, how awake one is, therefore like good one decided hires, ugh, as, said maybe broadly, how strongly one can do already directly it in a way, that it is afterward so, as maybe one would have it gladly that it, ähm, would be or turned back just since fells also all possibilities and all gibts of course that namely one exactly through it, that one makes it imperfect and this imperfection lets then stand, it at all in the final result bearable becomes, while, ugh, that, this, this, the will, it somehow, ugh, to do, completely, ähm, maybe, in fact no matter, whether one this as, as unvollkommes or as complete complete wants to do making complete, ugh, could lead also just, that it then then would become essentially more imperfect in the effect, as it, ugh, in, o, as it would have been in his/its imperfect urfassung, while of course it the much more trivial or much then more usual effect of course as well can give that just one, ähm, in the ber, in the, during the creation of the urfassung, that programmatic-proves here the whole one now in the time of quasi, in a way takes place that one during this creation of the urf - setting thinks, one have know God something for, ähm, ugh, ugh, äf, yes either insights or one would talk at least quite well or one can endure this at least, it is not in a way, that it hurts somehow, it is not so, it now is nothing especially bad or, or disgusting or somehow disastrous, so disastrous as a bad one books to the example is which one, or one, reads a bad article or one, one, somebody, the nonsense talks somewhere, the boring one hires talks that doesn't interest one that just maybe one, while runs the whole matter one has, now not at all particularly, but also, if one thinks, maybe one would have nothing else or, to do nothing better, actually therefore not particularly suffers under it, but that it then is not to be excluded what at all just, ugh, in the moment, where then it, ähm, to the example into the medium, in favor of which one then decides in the effect, kchm, is therefore brought if, ugh, one to the example, ähm, it at the starts would have tapped and then itself, ugh, would say, one tries now reading again, then, it could read through this just, ugh, and, and, if one then tried with reading it as genuinely as possible, it could become artificial on that occasion, and if one then listened sichs, would become, it would be completely unbearable and, and doesn't manage, or turned back, one could, ugh, it could also be that one, ugh, if one, ugh, in that, into the microphone in-speaks, so just the whole one in the time of and this in the time of fills, and that is in the end, it is completely one, one completely more gradually distinguished, one could shift also even at intervals and could, ugh, the microphone, one therefore have had start with the microphone to the example, and then however, ähm, said, well, maybe the batteries now go out, I now must short-term at the typewriter, and simply can then look whether I can assign somebody at intervals, that, ugh, me batteries again anxiously or maybe a new cassette or a new one something bound or always is it, and then just, ugh, further-writes, and one then would have at most, kchr, if one therefore now had somebody with oneself, ähm, so far not also this with what, not regular is, then would be, it could also be that the whole one was just so far also already a type of show, a type, ugh, a type, ugh, ahem, recites, but it could fell all these anyway gives that, ugh, just something, which meanwhile one, if already not completely or especially madly or maybe, ähm, even however also at intervals especially great and particularly inspired and, ähm, very much, ugh, ähem, cleverly and, and she/it thought-richly and fast occurs that anyway either this at itself, simply through it, then, that one then simply doesn't produce it in the moment but that one simply then is the rezipient, and since quasi, krch, it as, ugh, produced directly to the absorbs gets, either therefore simply purely through it, ähm, that one therefore gets this in one to one and simply determines, that one shits one, one, one, ugh - type, is, one, a bad one, somebody, that is not agreeable in that, what he/it does, no matter whether he/it writes or whether he/it, whether he/it speaks but, ähm, krch but one, one, one, one, a dull human being, that better not itself just, that one actually from which one actually doesn't want to hear any remarks or wants to take to the knowledge somehow this could happen, it could also happen equally, however, that the whole one would become good or bad through the corresponding medium at all only just, ähm, and that could one actually only through it, ähm, tries out, that one, krch, actually reproduces it in all possible media afterward then, and also in finished possible with what all possibly fells not at all of course fells, is, because if one had typed it to the example originally, it is already very much very heavy, these originally tapped passages really, one really then needed one a very much very perfect one, that would make it in this situation just then, this playacts, ugh, or, or one, same, rather have to playact itself a very good one is, around these printed passages then really so, ähm, krch, molds again into an acoustic one to bring or in an acted film-molds, ugh, krch that simply then works convincingly as real-temporal and then at all a just one compares admits, or one, ähm, krch, one have to have to just, ugh, itself, ähm, ugh, it also would be reverse unbelievable just, ugh, difficult or one, ugh, one has an unbelievable cliff before oneself, if originally one it to the example now, ähm, as however, ugh, just only as, as bound, ugh, would have begun, krch, and wanted, ähm, it however actually then purely only in one, into one book-molds, ugh, brings, ähm, since, then becomes even the already difficult, that to only transcribe just, because even, if it, ugh, is simply transcribed, then transcribes it of course will look and one with it of course then in one, into a genre, in which maybe one actually in-wants not at all with the whole matter, comes but in the moment, where one simply starts to formulate, probably becomes one, ugh, so strong in the edits and in the comes to formulate that one, ugh, just, ugh, all, from vanity, ugh, and from, from, from dullness, ugh, the whole one just then in a way reworks, that it nevertheless then then simply becomes unbearable on a certain type, or it also can simply be that this pure transcription is simply unbearable as transcription, either simply because simply the originator, ugh, simply shits is, that can be natural that this, ugh, just directly, ähm, according to itself then, ugh, mediates, or it can be even that this, ugh, nice or agreeable or witty or in any molds, ugh, to appreciating itself just in this type of the medialen realization loses and, ähm, one then just, ugh, different, ähm, then indirect-ness-grades before itself there, that can simply sprout all to advantage or to the disadvantage, it sees or also can simply be that relatively more hollowly one recites and one relatively more stupidly or as one as tape belonged or published recites, ähm, then, ugh in which writing-molds suddenly through this, ugh, new, that this would transcribe relatively exactly written just as so and would have a certain river plausibly transcribed then just, and then reads quite well itself and then reads itself especially well, as equally especially good, liquid literature, like it naturally reverse can be, krch that now somebody, that could represent the whole one very well, or if the author could represent this very well or could also speak very well or would be very much very nice, he/it this just completely, it, in reading-molds so well as production just could mediate that however again it itself then to a type, what, just ugh, ugh, would consolidate, however again what just, however, gleichzeitug the relapse to a quite normal work in her/it just then of course, ugh, in which, in which, ugh, ähm, ugh, round dances somehow myself-relevant and on any idea, ugh, only, and, o, otherwise without big textual, without big textual, ugh, managing, ugh, works, so, from those however already everyone mixes, now in nem more abstract thinks, thinks not exactly in this maybe, but in the, in the, ugh, ugh, abstract absolutely thinks gives, and, ugh, this has of course, ugh, ff, ähm, to the follows, that one really actually would have to try strictly speaking, the whole one quasi crossed to bring out in every medialen type, so that, if wants to bring out at all mans, so that then he/it, the rezipient, ugh, quasi the election has between these more or less authentic one(s), ugh, and more or less, ugh, good simply then molds, ugh, ugh, to choose, this which either fits the best him/it or then, if this falls just her/it should be, then also really good conscience's, to be able to discard all, since to be able to say altogether, that is for me to boring or I now have the principle understood, I now have none in the time of more for sowas, I can, yes or of course also, ugh, the author, equally like the reader, therefore the reader would not be it natural, the rezipienten wär this of course not to verdenken, that he/it would say someday, ugh, I don't have any desire, or also, that he/it would say, I only must be what bound with one of course, relatively difficult, ugh, I must pure-hear only a few times there, ähm, and, and, ugh, that then that suffices, I then understood the principle, that suffices, myself also can, ugh, with others then over it talks and, ugh, it will never depend on it anyway or is asked after it, ähm, which then actually here now, ugh, ugh, happens, now exactly me with what, ähm, from, yes, I now must admit this, leaves on however from current stands out that lives basale it of course decided functions to the example of the metabolism just, ugh, gives that one cannot avoid just during this whole action and, and where however, it then becomes difficult, that not, while one executes her/it/them, ugh, to, to bring in into the matter, however, somehow, and to, too thematisieren, which on the one hand one of course, ugh, so, ähm, with, ugh, from the, from the, looks at a distance of this nil position from the name, one, and from this abstract talk is, because however, a thematic one stepped out into the world just and also however a concrete reference on the experience world then with itself brings, but, ugh, then what on the other side, however, ähm, ugh, on the other side with, with further contemplation or with something, ugh, ugh, generöser contemplation then however, ugh, ähm, with what one simply also always betrays oneself through it, how stands out exactly me, ugh, which vocabulary one has or one simply doesn't have which vocabulary, therefore him/it, that educational-stood or a certain type of witty can determine well inevitably ness of course one here, but also from, v, this, which the toilet, ugh, maybe, and, yes, what emerges also with it of course simply are these that more and more one, and that now would be to the example just at the toilet, now would be natürlich, if one bound this, ugh, would out-bring, if it bound would be, the klospülung would be to then be heard of course, and one then have prove a relatively authentic one for it, ähm, that could also be in retrospect pure-assorted of course, but this just however, ugh, ugh, w, where one would think that, one then always would think someday just that all this is authentic, which not just somehow, what at the starts so unwillentlich is introduced, one therefore would go consciously ness on these then somehow, and it will probably always be this, which so to speak he/it at the starts, where he/it not yet drüber nachgedac justly hardly from anybody can expect, or whether not just simply he/it, ugh, it at a few puts, ugh, looks at accordingly with one, one, shortly or just ugh, shortly tape, krch, in-hears or, if many times really it one, ugh - edition is, ugh, that however also maybe one then, if so to speak already one she/it now, ugh, discussed, not then necessarily as well real must do, but if really it a mehrfachedition at the finishes would be, ugh, since everywhere then shortly just, ähem, itself with the individual matters, that maybe a little one compares and therefore finds something for itself, familiar does but otherwise it only would be cheap and right, if one, ugh, it then with it also has been content, and says, well well, ugh, one, one now knows, which, ugh, it with it on itself has, one now knows this and one understood the principle, and, because it also is even in the end, ugh, or that then would be she/it, ähm, just asks whether it, ugh, firstly, whether now one about again these, ugh, ugh, to then execute this introspection just, whether one, ugh, if connections, ugh, completely wrong is, because actually she/it in one just still, ugh, one, a thought should continue, wanted, but then determined, that the thought so simply is not correct at all and then d just, this gedanken, that actually, ugh, should be continued, then actually questions and with it then on a quite different, ugh, track ähm comes and then with it then often also the total connection or the previous connection loses and just then remarkably, ugh, however only in such spiralbewegungen over other associations again there then returns, but actually hardly direct, anyway at least with a certain tiredness then no more, no more real, ugh, progresses, but, krch, it, ugh, then would be even, or whether there are phases to the example, where really then one only the whole with, ugh, pure talk fills, because one simply further-can no more, because one thinks manifesto nothing more simply really at all of it, because one, ugh, that in the time of, ugh, must fill with something and just in the hesitates gets and words then simply, in order to bridge, therefore in the small one happens this the whole one anyway in the time of that one, in order to bridge, until one in the next, in the next rate half until in the next bar ugh, half rate bar is, ähm, certain words repeats or ›ähm‹ says what is well-known, but whether not this whole one just so to speak, ugh that the whole work at the end a single one, ugh, therefore so to speak in the earth history seen, one single ›ähm‹ then could represent, or a single one, a single one, clears the throat ugh, ugh, such a type, ugh, ähm, ähm, ugh, logopädischen, ugh, ugh, logopädisch to behandelnden mistake, if somebody, ugh, approximately one, a consonant at the starts doubly erroneously says or stutters easily, but just about in the time of, to delay, about quasi already, ugh, discourse, or a remark, ähm, to signal and to isolate, and also this in the time of, to fill with it, but just not the corresponding one, ugh, content or, to offer just a completely any content at will to repetitive content with it then also just, whether itself this, ugh, whether then itself this, ähm, aspect, ugh, since simply yields and whether maybe this also portrays in the big one, however, ähm, and whether then itself also these maybe, these afraid of it, ähm, before such bigger illustrations then someday loses, and whether then simply one itself with him/it, with the allegorical character, that just what one, concerning the outside world, has, then then, that is not to be disputed in her/its/their character just hardly just, however, has, in, up to nem certain exactly, ugh, whether one him/it, ugh, then someday acknowledges and also relatively then, ugh, Olympic, ugh, accepts, although also this scho of course, already, ugh, this admittedly doesn't make the world concrete, position therefore doesn't go from this nil in this respect or from this pure, ähm one, from this pure one sake, ugh, this project from, but it is a type niederlage already a type, ähm, of course, ugh, in the sense that it an approach, ugh, at the normal one talks or at least one, one, a programmatic one, as said, but not inha, even if just not textual, but however programmatische ah, approach to the normal one already talk-can be over the world, a first approach, and just also an offensichtliche continuation of the widening this, ähm, of this rope, krch that starts there and that quasi itself continuously now, ugh, could extend on and on, ugh, virtually, ähm, or, ugh, ugh, ideally, ähm, with what that now would be such a word to the example, then what in retrospect, ugh, it is, ugh, to be edited would have very big chances, because just it to treacherous then, however, or to, ugh, but just exactly maybe in that one abandons it as treacherous, just also again then honest is, but that also simply is quite interesting, as just execution in the substantial and in the original one, the different ones then talk hires, ähm, krch, so to speak different types of the validity then however keeps, although ago therefore all, ähm, of the concept, v, simply from her/it, ähm from which, from which ago anmutung, if just one itself with the, with the produces even watches or listens or reads along or listens in with that, what one says, which always necessarily one, ugh, does, up to the certain straight, even if on something, a quite, to draw near much, much too undistanzierten position, therefore decided no real rezipientenposition just, because just one in the same present windows in there is, as not in that, what one does, and, necessarily, because one even, because therefore one in the same consciousness, because one, ugh, in the same consciousness and in the same against windows, in the same present windows ähm in there-is, if, if is only of a same so to speak, therefore only the consciousness same is or only the present windows same is, then, it is not so bad, krch, but if is both same, one simply has this type of distanzlosigkeit, and it is just interesting, like nevertheless, ugh, or now works at least on me, ugh, interestingly, obs really interesting is, that, ugh, ähm, would be just, ugh, then, ugh, to clarify, if one with clear brick, this simply can itself first, ugh, shows, if one simply sees from outside it once as, as rezipient, but it would be intere just, or it now works interestingly in the moment, ähm, krch, whether, ähm, ugh, or, ugh, that out perspectives, that more exactly some particular one now then is already to thematisieren of course, also from this interior and, ugh that has also in danger so ugh, in one certain ones, ugh, ugh, in also, into a quite certain one maybe philosophical, ugh, so, so introspective tradition to slip off somehow and to then serve such a certain genre there, therefore what one, where, where now already the thought, ugh, comes, that one just actually should not pursue this really strongly or should hold at least shortly, but at least however this thought is there that, ähm, ähm, incidentally this with what the first real, krch, endangering, ugh, now therefore this matter, ugh, to be, seems, ähm, but, ähm, would be, it also now would be just in the thinks ridiculously of the original concept of course to give it, ähm, up it now to finish speaking or itself just frantic, ugh, before it to, to press, but, ähm, one therefore already still should ignite the thought brings, and, ähm, or tries, whether one still makes it, ignites him/it to bring, just like he/it itself originally announced, because he/it then becomes again more unclear through the tiredness also at intervals of course, but the thought was that, krch, ähm that, ugh, also from this nahsicht just decided already hires itself as, ugh, tolerably or possibly possibly validly or possibly so, just these with what, ugh, it naturally ridiculous is, it is a purely subjective feeling, because at all not yet solidly the criterions the tolerable ness now, ugh - is put, neither really conceptual, how the whole one should look, whoever should be able to then appreciate the whole one at all, whom, ugh that should be able to be available at all once somehow whoever should do it, whoever must be convinced of it, which publisher, which critic, which, ähm, which, ugh, listeners ähm and, and whether just not it, however, ugh, in the end through it, that it now simply stabilizes so, ähm, into one to, ugh, now, ugh, so to speak, in the moment boring also becomes straight, ugh, and actually the original thought with this pure one, ugh, fills, ugh, from, ugh, then simply leaves little by little and leads tediously with it into a normal selbstbezüglickeitsgerede simply, but, krch, nevertheless it already gives this anmutung to these, ähm, that, ugh, decided of these matters, and that, ugh, such a type konsolidierung of an individual world, namely a possible one, simply is also already again ugh, intellectual selection already, ugh that simply runs there that decided apparently hires as valid or as interesting or as, ugh, as, ähm, just like one it maybe also afterward wants to have, itself already seems, during others immediately simply hires as, ugh, to canceling, ugh, ugh, therefore although now just di, what is perceived as to canceling, in the moment already of me, that is of course, which then actually afterward, ähm, in the negotiation, during which hires, that is to be canceled so to speak of course, could stand that simply only, that so to speak, that they un, the maybe most interesting, but just from the nahsicht at the most difficult true-increasing grades the pure stupidity, the pure slip of the tongue, of the pure one, that pure clumsy, ähm, slip, krch, that of course then, ähm, in retrospect she/it is, that just, ugh, at the either at the, ugh, most automatically ausgefiltert becomes or but most difficult or only with the biggest expenditure at the, ugh, to get, is, ugh, because just really one the whole one then, ugh, itself, ugh, probably, ähm, ugh, five hundred-once would have to edit, and, ugh, ugh, hundred, ugh, typing errors maybe, ugh, afterward still, ugh, would have to insert, or, ähm, ugh, ugh, as said, ähm, quite exactly, ugh, ugh, ugh, hundred times itself something would have to listen, ugh, or just, ugh, would have to try, if one they to the example, ugh, schriftform would try halfway into one, ugh, credible, authentic language-molds to bring, since, ugh, mistake with one decided font, ugh, then to manage translation system somehow in, in sprechsprachliche insecurities to umfunktionieren, ugh, of course what then, ugh, in, in danger would stand to be such an artificial process that, ähm, it anyway actually already from in the front in not possible would be or somehow, ugh, would go wrong, but, it, ugh, would be, ähm, just really simply now this, like wide one, asks ugh, then just, ugh, on this type would come or, ugh, how far one comes at all in a train, ähm, or whether at all one, whether traces one to the example can do, it now is of course, where still not any traces was done, ugh, at all not yet, ugh, decision-cash, whether with the concept, ugh, traces, or one now would have to think about it, ugh, I simply know it, ugh, not, and this, ugh, thinks, ugh, krch, ugh, is natural, ugh, yes, of course per concept without further possibly, but of course as pure then thinks somehow empty, therefore as pure sentence, ugh, I now must think, I must think about it, that, one either therefore can lie is, if already namely one in reality knows, what one actually wants to say and does so, as one still must think drüber, because one any type the spontaneous one(s) thought setting wants to simulate, ugh, or, ugh, one just really thinks, ugh, after and has nothing to say, however, of course in the moment then as well and simply then is not even in the situation, such a type, ugh, content-independent empty-molds, ugh, to, to form, or respectively, ugh, to form something, from which one itself in the moment, where one forms it, imagines, it would be her/it such an independent one, that was entitled in this just, empty-molds, however, this, one can hardly prevent this, just however the tiredness and the übernächtigtkeit, ugh, in which, ugh, that, this, that also out-speaks from the whole one of course, ähm, that just in, in this matter so works, about this zero of this, as that is nothing the automatic, more or less automatic one about this just, talks around-circling, ugh, matter, but then just maybe in reality, if one then later simply sees it, ugh, just then, however, ugh, is loaded only somewhat badly like something simply simply quite normally so, which would stand around under quite normal just, and something, ugh, thought-briefly therefore simply only weakly, ähm, gesch, written or, ugh, was said and the whole one just simply only a less, ugh, therefore simply none, none somehow others, ugh, quality would have or this specific quality, that should have it in content, simply doesn't have but, ugh, actually one, one, a treatise, ugh, krch, is, that also, ugh, ugh, v, especially since then works more hollowly umso, because she/it to the example in her/it, in the verschriftlichten version, yes at all not this, the in the time of structure, ugh, neither the taps of another possible one speaks, if in retrospect it one would be typed out, ähm, would return, therefore also this hesitates, ugh, and the different ones trace, that are done there, ugh, yes at all would not represent, that is, that one therefore actually would have to produce a version as well, where therefore they with him/it quasi, with which, at a tape version would be relatively unproblematically this of course, because one simply bound this just there, just like it bespielt how it would be on it, becomes and is right with the corresponding sprechgeschwindigkeiten and the corresponding one and him/it, ugh, the corresponding one, ugh, stutters and, ugh, moans, or, ähm, ugh, wrong words then simply form at least passage-wisely maybe could represent, if one then had already an impression from the differently phases, where he/it now is, ugh, especially tired, where, ugh, he/it now is slow at the finishes of his/its strengths, ähm, where maybe he/it has a good phase, where he/it has determine one runs where he/it talks so fast that he/it, ugh, actually itself itself hardly more listens on that occasion, where he/it talks so slowly that he/it itself, ugh, in the, in the a moment ago-one, ugh, even already more than he/it just listens at all says, ähm, since just simply then that would be hires, that then quite concretely one, ugh, on the basis of the different, ähm, ar ones, ugh, hires that one hears concretely there could understand, and that would become even also, if doesn't pass too fast or too slowly mans, also relatively naturalistically then is converted, while one actually needed in the writing for it of a type partitursystem of system, where, ugh, simply, a solid one in the time of arrow runs and where would also be secured that, ugh, the eyes of one, the corresponding speed then just at these compositions passes, in a constant gesch, speed, ugh, or, to realize maybe, through a schriftfilm, just, only the problem is with the writing-films of course that, ugh, since, ugh, one, ugh, then just no normal one(s) reading process would have but then just this element of the font of film, ugh, so strong, because that is not the usual one but just not established just as unfortunately but only as particular art form then would be perceived and just at all then no, ugh, now on this not content or content, ugh, therefore this content, that not one content actual is, or, ugh, just one, one, one, of course is it a content, one cannot dispute this at all, it always is any content if one consecutively-places any words, but this now just no content is, ugh, as, how in one, like usual content, that just in one, a content as content is but even that any content only simply is that just one this, this content as any content at all would not perceive, because just one itself with this filming, or if one converted the whole one somehow real-timewise just, the font speed and this writing-hesitates and that stutters and these whole matters, that are completely uninteresting for itself in the individual one so to speak, as they now lie, where the speaker now is more awake and where he/it does this and which mistakes he/it does and which, whether maybe he/it lisps, or whether he/it a certain one language mistakes has and so on, that is completely uninteresting in concreto, but that such at all it something the whole one in the time of gives and it there even, itself real-molds these to something in the sense decided and had to decide, that he/it, that would be included important just, simply is scores points that this would be converted directly just, and that would be just in her/it, to probably do not at all, writing-molds, and, ugh, that, ugh, that, this, this, that is fatal at it, even that the alternative one, ugh, is not, then, ugh, so to speak, that it zero-molds none, no one normal-molds gives, because the normal one text-molds the whole one into a continuous river just then of course brings in, that just it maybe, in which therefore, with all, ähm, ugh, ugh, therefore even if it a relatively continuous one speech stream gave or also a hurls stream speech stream gave or has one speech, gave, just however, ugh, doesn't have at all, ugh but, ähm, the whole one then, ugh, a type, also ever after, like one the sales does and which, which conventions also trace heeded from possible there one then and wel, which types from, as one works with commas, ugh, it is all, ugh, always bad, and always, or it always has all his/its serious disadvantages, if one on the whole punctuation vvverzichtet, one has one, ugh, one, or also big - and kleinschreibung and such matters or also the type of the writing and, ugh, at all, ugh, or him/it sentence-mirrors and so on, a, all this are matters of course, that execution from this substantial, ugh that has execution with the substantial to do nothing at all and that actually only then, ugh, deviates, ähm, would become, ugh, and it simply is not done with it once yet that just so one then, ugh, like a moment ago, ugh, thought, then all different ones, ugh, formulas, ugh, would do but it, it actually simply then is already everyone, however, molds incorrectly somewhere, that is, if one, ugh, the whole one then books to the example with different sentence-shines or always deceased with different fonts would bring out, of course with what one thousand, with the different combinations, then immediately ugh, millions and but-millions different, ähm ones, ugh, therefore one didn't can this any more, ugh, brings out sensibly but one immediately would have fell such a variety of different and matters, that one could out-bring everyone at most once anyway or this whole as gigantic package, ähm, from, from, ugh, ugh, just, yes, unikaten, ugh, what object would be already again automatically, however, an artistry then of course, wa, which at all not actually one, ugh, wants primarily, ähm, w, if just this, ugh, that that falls would be, ähm, then, ugh, ugh, then, one just always would have the problem that just already completely this would have become independent situation, ähm, for itself, therefore this, ugh, or something is called situation the actual one time off, it is in the moment one already difficult now of course to decide, which the actual one would be situation time off, would have to already back there now quasi, ugh - looks or itself somehow, which one yes, that is already something of course, which one really doesn't can, if one him/it, as long as one writes him/it further, ugh - must spin, ugh, or also the writing, ugh, she/it talks must further-spin, ugh, it is really relatively difficult of course, although could try mans of course, one could try, now, if one, exactly if one already many on the part of wrote or on a good one, ugh, ähm, if one works on a good system, this would have to be possible that at least one that already meanwhile, what one did, to the part, in irgeneiner type prints out, but then, one would see exactly this problem just that it would be just completely differently one wär already rezipient in this sense as what one would have perceived in this first nahwahrnehmung, then, and that would become one then probably with the, that probably then would be she/it, however, borders, where one from this type of the production, that now here, ähm, was knocked in, ugh, then finally falls out and, ugh, just already even after so short in the time of a type rezpient becomes, ugh, and is deflected, although just paradoxically in content one then, ugh, seen, through the own one writes and then would be deflected nothing through this just, but one probably then would be deflected just already on a type, that one then writes over these, that the same, w, actually is, like he/it, that still now runs in the moment, just then already so would talk, like something, which outside, ugh, simply in the world is and with it just one topic, ugh, outside this text, therefore outside, d, ähm, in the world would have, ugh, and if it writes also only this then itself would be, so far he/it just then now already real would have become like one, therefore the single type, within this mode, ugh in which one now is over this writes can speak, simply is from this immediate one, simply is out from this immediate memory, ugh, that, ugh, what one still simply knows about it or doesn't know, and there it is in the moment with me simply now really in a way that I, ugh, actually must say, I don't know exactly, as the concept at the starts was, and, ugh, it is, ugh, then, ugh, therefore of course, w, yes probably for somebody, that books this, completely reads through, ugh, painfully or ridiculously, ugh, or then so poorly just with, to explain with the tiredness, however, or, or, or one must it just wegredigieren, if wants to let sit absolutely not mans on itself, ugh, o, or simply doesn't out-bring, ähm, o, o, but, m, it, it must, ugh, one, ugh, it simply is the big one asks, whether originally quasi, ähm, ugh, and, and it, it, also decides very much very strongly from the back it for the rezipienten for itself it, it, ago, because of course he/it then, ähm, with something is confronted, either with any bound or with one books, and it already, also for the type, then is of course as he/it now perceives this and also these, ähm, these, ugh, asks, ugh that then now puts at this exactly is negotiated, perceives, ugh, from the result then long ago of course what she/it now is at all not yet decided, therefore, ugh, that really already then is a type of course, ugh, logical or, ugh, yes, ugh, causal borders this whole matter that one, ugh, itself, ugh, must well that, ugh, one just hires that one now doesn't do ugh, then, ugh, later afterall so to speak, ugh, can have and, ugh, others, that are now done, later then doesn't hire, however, just there is, ähm, and, ugh that, ugh, this then just later, however, from later always on any type then however, ugh, is decided, ugh, no matter like one itself then decides, ähm, and, and that, ugh that therefore on the one hand, ugh, and that this simply has even two aspects, namely, now also already again two aspects such a typical figure of the widening this with what just, ugh, is this world, ugh, if one already now simply starts to distinguish aspects, then, one can of course, one actually is more in a stream in there once already even not yet, even if this, ugh, then from the, from the, from the bound ago or from the writes ago, ugh, is realized so, ähm, but one, one actually is not in a stream any more in there but there is already firstly secondly, there is already, ugh, a whole, w one, variety of any aspects, that then would be again accessible and one could continue with those, and where one could extend the whole one just and not only even now they there in a vague one beside consciousness just so is but actually already they as scores points, ugh, manifesto is, one therefore now is, because now again in danger that one, ugh, ugh, in gef, ugh, nothing, maybe in, into this mode of this, the current one(s) even description, ugh, gets and then falls into a genre there but that really one of this, this, this, the treatise and this, this, the testimony or this, into a genre ugh, the myself-relevant essay, ugh, then just declines, ähm, and, ugh, ugh, but, ugh, nevertheless one should, ugh, but d, just, it now would be even, thä, it be just as fatally it, or it would be just as pointless that now simply prevents frantic to want and to therefore want to try, artificially again to a type, to come, mono-chains but, ugh, the single possibility, as just one him/it, ugh, could meet, she/it would be of course that one, ugh, ähm that however one these now just, these aspects just on, ugh, from, ähm, ugh, ugh - differentiates, and there one, ähm, be be quite clear just just one of these aspects there, ugh, that that itself this, ugh, whole just to the end then somehow real-timewise had to decide, ugh, or, as, somehow actually had to decide, therefore any real one(s) then molds will have assumed that really yet simply now doesn't fix but this however just then first much later somebody, that at all still now knows nothing of it, ugh, will fix, and, and that then possible, if he/it then realizes this in content, then, ugh, smiles about it, or, or is annoyed over it, or it itself is one, and maybe it then is not so bad either, the wär maybe even the best of him/it falls that not one any others with it, ugh, incriminates, but, ähm, it becomes for itself into any rea anyway, for any real one(s) molds, ugh, ugh, had to decide, and, ugh, that is even, that that scores points one ugh, therefore it had to decide at all, therefore also in that, with what then simply is clear, that also, therefore also this, of course which now is produced, already in a certain sense real is, ugh, now apart from the pure one sign-chains, but also she/it sign-chains is of course as sign-chains, as a realization, ugh, this this this speaks, ugh, or writing act, ähm, is already one of course, ugh, a fixed one, ugh, reality in any sense, that now, ähm, d, into the reality so is admitted, as such and this one then just can alter and that also then simply must decide to a quite decided, ugh, shapes, ähm, and it is to be actually already foreseen that it falls on no one, ähm, just that just it to, on, on any between solution then must run out and on any, ähm, or on any fractional makes maybe solution, that one simply says, only a quite normal one, however, one simply, ugh, books, ugh, and simply prints this writes from, ugh, because writes in him/it so to speak, ugh, the wär then just the cheap solution, that one says, yes, through it that writes these whole other possibilities in him/it yes, ugh, is said, ähm, it becomes, ugh, is, it already actually is enough, it already is, ähm, ugh, this suffices, one, one, needs one, one must not make this for all then as well, what has very much already also and so under many points of view for itself, on the other side, it is natural in a way that, ugh, through it, that one then makes it real, ugh, a quite different, not only another expenditure but in the end then, however, also a quite different reality and something quite different, about what one can talk, is created, ugh, in the reception, if one simply does this, that books pure, that book-molds pure, one talks just about one books, where this simply then hires, ugh, in there-stands, if one one, ugh, but just something else, ugh, would do, ugh, additionally, therefore to the example one, ähm, therefore, ugh, one, ugh, one ähf, ähf ugh, maybe a radio play wanted to do even originally, and, ugh, however, however, it then first wrote just, just as such, with this idea, ugh, or one had this original idea just and then executed them/her/it not at all really so but simply has, ugh, then cannibalized the whole one only as material for his/its idea, ähm, and used as building site so and, ugh, one, however, one then not at all simply takes this raw material but however, one then simply looks only for any few quite good or maybe quite funny or not completely so, ähm, often already, ugh, ugh, repeated or somehow also halfway original within-ideas then out, and does anything with it, then, one has mold a completely different of course, ugh, before itself, that, ugh, since also nobody in this sense, ugh, ffff, ugh, yes, now, that really now is one, one tore off, or one, ugh, one, a matter, where just not one, ugh, progresses, and, ugh, with what it asks there them/her/it also always of course now is if one keeps already it in mind that one must stop someday one, however, one, although necessarily would not have to mans either, must can what someday that would be of course also interesting, ähm, ugh, considerations, that one could have, that one now simply really always continues so, and, ugh, but simply only always not just so continues but that one also simply tries, however, while one, one can simultaneously so to speak, while one this, this writes and this discourse lets run, if now, ugh, somebody comes, ugh, and somebody there is, one simply can through it that one him/it, ugh, reminds on it, somehow, and says, he/it should read along and he/it shall, ugh, since pure-looks once, one could give him/it decided instructions, to the example, over it then that he/it already simply should start, ugh, this, ugh, this, to realize this matter, and a situation could then come just where one simply doesn't stop but always simply continues in him/it, ähm, in the matter, ugh, and nevertheless just already decided realisationsstufen from it, from former stages, this, one then itself of course already de, escaped, and that one can also absorb no more, or this one cannot absorb, as long as one still simply works on it, or maybe just then only in a later grades, where still the whole one consolidated or the normal one not from this speech stream now covered, ugh, execution, ugh, then even more similar is or still, ugh, still, ugh, energieunaufwendiger, maybe one simply then has sufficiently already free capacitys, about just also such a, to be able to introduce such a rezipientenschiene, without that just one this, ah, this neutral-finishes main discourse somehow resigns, anyway it then would be possible that also already one just, ugh, simultaneously, ähm, ähm, maybe even itself, but just maybe also others, just with it, ähm, employs, ugh, decided this early one(s) shares, that always one, in a certain type already ready is, or this one actually simply somewhere could do, although the of course ne asks big is whether one can do somewhere, or whether therefore not exactly, however, one, in the thinks one, a possible one, if now really of course one itself, ugh, on, ugh, introduces, there could be a type of publication, then, one will probably get around hardly therefore, at the end any type of joke or good gimmick or good tears off, tore off to do, because of course he/it, that, that finishes, of such a matter, ugh, now even then, ever after also, like long it so to speak from now still would continue, ugh, it is very very much one of course, ugh, ugh, undecided, ugh, matter, like this then finishes could be, because of course virtually actually it or, ugh, ugh, in principle, ähm, at all none, no finishes, ugh, can give, and everyone therefore finishes, ähm, a type of sudden, from more sudden nurses and from sudden demolition will be, that just like a type, ugh, bad joke or a type ähm ugh, alone-calm-becomes, in the best falls, if it now entertained one somehow or if somehow one itself with it, if one this, if that be to be managed to expect what hardly that somebody, ugh, quasi also receptive into this stream, ugh, can come in in a way, that he/it really is in the stream in there, just like, like, as now I with the produces here in there is, if now this, soz, itself by chance in any media combination would yield, then, this certainly would stop, ugh, then had nurse such a moment of this and a moment, ugh, also just this, this, the anti, ugh, probably just one, one, a bad one, ugh, moment one a moment, that actually one, ugh, then as far as possible, ugh, would stall or just maybe even virtual, ugh, always would do, and that could one through it covers up, that one simply tries, any type of joke, that previously at will long one itself then, ugh, could already think and that would be defused also by it as, as stupid joke or as stupid gimmick, then possibly for somebody, that then perceives the whole one, through it that previously already mans just, ugh, discussed that irgendsowas at the finishes must come and one then, ugh, grades itself through these maybe, if one now trusts that not, ugh, somebody, ugh, directly, ugh, what books to the example with nem however naturally, ugh, with nem, with nem tape, ugh, less, but with nem books already they of course, ugh, the big, ähm one, ugh, ugh, krch, temptation is, ugh, itself just first-once the schlußsatz durchzu, watches, and one then would be just unprepared, ugh, for it, one then would have any type just from, from anticlimax or not punch-line, it would tear off simply somewhere just or it would tear off so significantly somewhere just that simply only the technical one then simply doesn't tear off this tears off from exhaustion or from listlessness would be but, ugh, in one tears off from, ähm, ugh, ff, ff, one, one tears off, ähm, ugh, ff, which, s, s, itself, ugh, somehow even stages or, ugh, geriert as big transition, ugh, therefore to the example, ugh, naturally obvious would be that one, ugh, that as, as transition in the world, ugh, therefore constructs somehow and then, or so, does so, as if these, as if these, ugh, matter somewhere differently then would continue or as if, ugh, or v, could also make in a way mans maybe that one, ugh, quasi, ugh, d, ähm, would stage that then this stream just, ugh, jumps at the end, ugh, in this, into the brain of the rezipienten and then just in the rezipienten, ugh, continues and maybe then just as chains on and on, ugh, is either passed on or over the whole one world is extended, ugh, and maybe different-around then just, not, ugh, quasi, this stream little by little again through widening, with which normal reality would be replaced, but turned back, this reality then just, ugh, ähm, through which, d, through this stream, ugh, would be replaced, in that namely he/it, ugh, would step out on all so to speak more and more, ugh, people, and not so, like this, then, however, ugh, previously, I believe spares angeklungen once is that, ugh, ugh, everyone this so quasi in any, in any type from, ugh, edukativem program and so with, ugh, outside organization once, ugh, also had done but that really it itself as chains from the rope itself out propagates, and, ugh, just like a type, ugh, how of virus a type, ähm, krchm, ugh, then so to speak from the whole world, ugh, possesses seizes, but that then would be the idea just that one, ugh, that the world would approach on the part of again together from both then quasi that therefore quasi, this type of talk, ugh, from in the time of-fills, from, ugh, produces about the produces willingly in order to fill something, about any, ugh, in the time of, ugh, to fill with discourse, actually, ugh, an actually existing one, that must be filled somehow, in the time of then again what one, one, an allegory on any programs, that always must run and would be any newspapers, that always must be filled, however actually what the most boring aspect, ugh, at, at the whole matter, ugh, would be but that then itself these, ähm, these constellations of two just on the part of from would approach, ähm, through it that just she/it, ugh, in fact continuously, not through outer mediation but from itself out, through it, that she/it simply creates herself somehow, ähm, maybe during this, ähm, during the one one, that, that probably is the idea of each sect or everyone, everyone, ugh, perverse cult that, ugh, during the one one, that, ugh, it quasi invented and itself in these system somehow, ugh, stabilized, that this still simply develops during him/it, it just outside, ähm, ugh, communicates and, ähm, concretises somehow and to a work and to some vermittelbarem and to something, ugh, what then can simply arrange others becomes realized, done, and that just from this, ugh, work out, from this thought quasi, ähm, the actual one, namely this real one thought stream, of which the whole one speaks in the time of they here, is, ähm that just this so, that falls in the best, ähm, ugh, could be aligned so strongly at the thought stream of the rezipienten, at this first, that the rezipient, since main-writes at this, simply could then stop someday just main-writes to further-read but would be stabilized from this part just in a way that just he/it everyone, every moment, ugh, books quasi from him/it, ugh, from, ugh - lifts and, ugh, could then even continue, without it come substantially different from that, what books in him/it, anything then itself that would be then therefore actual only relative, ugh, marginal, ugh, would distinguish, krch, ähm, the main stream or so to speak, if one now saw this genetically, the same germinates one also then would further-run just there and then would have to find only relatively few people just, that just also in ne similar then, ugh, reproduction, either therefore always from this resembles streams or simply from several streams, with what then this just, ugh, therefore into several directions, ugh, v, from several itself then currenting trees from, ähm, that would be to then be seen interestingly just how strongly differently maybe this possibly then then thought-streams itself, however, would develop, if one really made it one it that therefore, ähm, one could compare it heavily of course because it would be natural, one kanns either so or so does, then needed two parallel worlds, about then in the one, somehow ugh, it so to speak, ugh, maybe really only from one origin preferably, ugh, to derive, in that just one this an original one, ugh, thought stream, ugh, preferably all that is still existing and, and, v that simply doesn't have then, ugh, ugh, to, ugh, absorbs gives and simply hopes, that they also come in in him/it, ähm, or simply also fears, and or they until finally fight back and, ugh, simply then then becomes with it, ugh, maybe, ugh, infiltrates artificially, or that just it a type, ugh, staggered mediation gives, where then, ähm, maybe, ugh, the whole one itself just really in type one, an always further one, ugh, yes where therefore more the whole one just like a type generation formation's itself just then on and on, ähm, ugh, continues, ähm, of course it with what then, ugh, boring would be, if, ähm, if then the whole one, ugh, itself just more and more in this, in this subjunctive would stabilize or if also this, exactly with this, finishes with this rezeptiven simply then further-runs one would be reached and really therefore then would hope, ugh that, ugh, ähm, it also then so would work, the wär of course really ridiculously and, ugh, ugh, measures, ähm, or, ugh, just also simply stupid but it would be frank, ähm, therefore if it then had worked so to speak, it would have just, ugh, works maybe by chance and also then would be in this idea just including, that the other discourse also simply further-runs, therefore the idea, that only then for a very long time quasi one, ugh, in this, ugh, in there-remains stream, until he/it is passed on somehow, is at for itself, yes, a s, very much, ugh, weak idea, respectively even an idea, that him/it, that the original idea, ugh, of course, ugh, perverts, because it, ugh, since would not go therefore just, that the stream simply propagates somehow but simply, ugh that itself the stream, ugh, just already about reproduction of the stream, ugh, just about this nil line around, but just from itself out and just not reproduction in anybody others, that were, originally at all doesn't plan, ähm, and even if then the stream in the the other, ähm, would further-run that would be, ugh, yes, however as well then maybe the same stream or it also would be, if from outside somebody into this stream shortly now so to speak, ugh, in-grasps and, ugh, quasi would take on, if now also, ugh, ugh, so to speak somebody there would be, that this, ugh, could do, that maybe therefore then, ugh, comes and him/it, ähm, can then take on, ugh, would be, ugh, that so, ugh, regulated that, ähm, ugh, that, ugh, that just nevertheless then, ugh, always continues, but it could, it would be so to speak even if one becomes very tired or even if it, ugh, would become beginnings, suddenly, ugh, therefore too little jokes of course also one, one to do or to become unpleasant, that would be, a crucial one, ugh, scores points, what, ugh, one does, if just it, however, ugh, if the original idea, that maybe one just then, however, a while so to itself ran, ugh, and that is of course one, that must come inevitably someday, scores points not because not only one, because of course one, ugh, someday, ugh, f, simply, ugh, desire natural-proves gets, now against, ouch, over, ugh, any performings, to do out something else then simply somehow, weils one of course also so boring becomes as someday tediously every other constant activity one we, becomes, or also like, ugh, so boring becomes as simply produces this nominal one, which one does there, obwohls, yes, in content again of course no real one produces is, but it simply is nominal and after her/it molds, ugh, and then likely, as one will see in retrospect, or certainly even, as one will see in retrospect, now, where however, it stabilized already itself so strongly, it is also a textual one of course produces, and that becomes natural then, ugh, inescapable, as produces each textual one, maybe not so arduous, because actually one at all ahl none, ugh, restrictions, ugh, or, or, ugh, straight has, one can essentially bring all, which shoots one through the head, but, ähm, ugh, f, or respectively one brings just exactly, ugh, one simply brings this, that, this fact, that one can bring all, which shoots one through the head, one really doesn't bring, which one all, or, ugh, so to speak, this, which shoots one through the head, only that simply is that could shoot one all through the head and not all just, which has to do with it, but any primary associations and this respectively admittedly is admitted, but they simply place themselves, exactly therefore, because they are admitted and because this zugelassensein simply is the topic of the whole matter, they put, she/it itself as such then at all not just, however, one, but this, ugh, she/it asks nevertheless simply is, ugh, it, nevertheless this becomes be entitled tediously inevitably someday becomes, or the tiredness increases so strongly that simply it, ähm, unpleasant becomes, and then, she/it simply is asks, as one proceeds, whether it, whether it is interesting or a new turn gives the whole one, if one therefore was entitled also them/her/it this, ugh, really the already unpleasant weitermachenmüssens or just really a felt force, ugh that then adjusts ugh, the whole one then continues, therefore quasi with the crowbar as long as possible, ähm, continues as long as possible, whether someday again however itself this widening then just maybe, ähm, or this, this, these, empfin, it is yes, it is yes, ähm, it becomes, it is natural, ugh, this thought still right that so far, or I this now just can see, right, ugh that just one only afterward, ugh, can see, whether what is felt as widening in the moment simply so, ugh, in the, ugh, real river, whether is the really in retrospect ne widening, because, ugh, to the example, if one, ugh, the whole one just as later books ready before itself has, a widening at all never is of course if the whole one is printed normally, ugh, to determine not any widening of course, but it is a single one, ugh, seen formally, a single one writing-wears out or a single one font line, that just itself, ugh, spreads quite steadily and just at all never, ugh, passes through, and if somehow typographically one simply tries this to convert, one has any type of art already again or from over this original concept, ähm, outgoing, over this concept, now really purely only one books to want to fill, in the shortest in the time of, with anything, ugh, outgoing, ähm, ugh, then, one simply has one outgoing, ähm over it, ugh, with what d, I now even believes, that that is the first once, that this happens to me, that I now must repeat a sentence so completely, ähm, but one then just, ugh, already a quite different, ugh, conception of one originally has, ähm, wanted and that is just natural also a basic decision, that probably not at all one, that unfortunately not one just during the thought stream or during this now, ugh, so currently manifesto runs, ugh, will finally fell can, ähm, unless, one commits oneself, that one now says something, ähm, what would be already absolutely possible, that I, O.K., ähm, say, I do this so, and I then simply must do it simply so, and if I don't do so to speak it then so, I am even with the matter, ugh, failed, no matter, which then still, ugh, comes out on that occasion, therefore the project then failed as project, also, even wenns then completely, ähm, ugh, äw, yes, then ridiculous-proves in, in any other, ugh, type then still, ugh, should be perceived somehow or any other, ugh, quality was supposed to have developed, it would have failed as the project, or but one leaves it open now of course, and, ugh, says, one, ugh, the s keeps