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Hedonistika: Call for proposals

Wir arbeiten an etwas... na sieh selbst...
Hedonistika is a multi-modal event that brings together food scholars, artists, and roboticists to examine the innumerable (and often hidden) ways in which technology and food are related. By engaging with the hegemony-challenging ideology of hacking, participants will seek to interrogate and expose the mutually constructive bonds of food and tech, while proposing alternative, playful, and stimulating reconfigurations. The event proposes a hack: a hybrid of bricolage, play, criticality, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. The goal is to reflect and perhaps undo the assumptions and habits that frame our everyday interactions with both food and technology, while making evident their often-neglected entanglements. Hedonistika will be a one-­week festival that will begin with a 3 day symposium comprised of workshops, a panel discussion, and three session of invited and registered speakers. The goal is to merge research-creation with critical analysis, and community engagement with celebration. (Plus, it will taste and look really cool.)

Hedonistika is looking for robotic projects and performative works that explore the critical issues within these realms. The curators are accepting proposals for complete works (and works almost complete) for the exhibition in the festival portion of the event. Proposed projects should have a technological component. Artists should submit a pdf document comprised of...

· A short CV (2 pgs)
· Short description of the project (150 words max)
· Long description of the project (500 words max) including images if possible
· Short bio
· Description of support material
· Documentation of past work (no more than 10 items)
· URL to artist website

Hedonistika is scheduled for 2013 in Montreal and will be an Elektra sponsored event.
Please e-mail submissions to: hedonistika@monochrom.at
Deadline January 15th, 2013

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monochrom *1993. ursprünglich zeitschrift. lebt z. zt. als haufen bzw. neue unübersichtlichkeit im museumsquartier wien, bamberg und unter www.monochrom.at. arbeitet unter anderem als künstler/innen/gruppe, linksextremistischer partyservice, info-point, archiv, sloterdijk ii, liveband, gruppentherapie, computerspiel und als konkursmasse etc. monochrom besteht aus johannes grenzfurthner, evelyn fuerlinger, franky ablinger, harald homolka list, frank apunkt schneider, daniel fabry, gnther friesinger, anika kronberger, roland gratzer sowie gott und der welt. immerhin!

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