monochrom presents

A film paved with good intentions

By Johannes Grenzfurthner

Puppets! Pixels! Anime! Live action! Stock footage!

Lumpennerd Johannes Grenzfurthner gives an ideotaining cinematic revue about important political concepts. Everyone is talking about freedom! Privacy! Identity! Resistance! The Market! The Left! But, yikes, Johannes can't tolerate ignorant and topically abusive comments on the "Internet" anymore! Supported by writer Ishan Raval, in this film, Johannes explains, re-evaluates, and sometimes sacrifices political golden calves of discourse.

Not to be used with false consciousness or silicone-based lubricant.

Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018) on IMDb

Featuring: Amber Benson, Max Grodénchik, Jeff Ricketts, Jason Scott, Stefanie Sargnagel, Gerald Votava, Robert Stachel, Stuart Freeman, Katharina Stemberger, Conny Lee, Jolyne Schlien Schürmann, Hannes Duscher, Roland Gratzer, Alexander E. Fennon, Michael J. Epstein, Michael Smulik, Kudra Owens, Martin Auer, David Dempsey, Anna Behne... and many others.

With artworks and animations by Bonni Rambatan, Matt J. Frith, James Brothwell, Clemens Kindermann, Stevyn Prothero, Steve Reeder... and many more.

Produced and edited by Johannes Grenzfurthner; co-produced by Günther Friesinger.

Written by Johannes Grenzfurthner and his intellectual sparring partner Ishan Raval.

Sound design (and audioscape underlying the narration) created by Daniel Hasibar.

Music by Michael Donaldson, Inti-Illimani, wobblersound, Kasson Crooker, Duscher&Gratzer, Bottervogel, Christoph Burstup Weiss... and many more.

Thanks to Chris S. Sims for his invaluable help as language consultant.

Runtime: 98 minutes.
Color and B/W.

Quotes about the film:

"A swan song to the society of ignorance..." (Skug)

"Glossary of Broken Dreams is a nerdgasm of creative consciousness meets good intentions and abundant doses of intellectually informed human compassion. It'll fuck with your mind. Then laugh." (The Independent Critic, Richard Propes)

"It's aggressive, doesn't pull punches, and burns through ideas at machine-gun rate... 97 head-spinning minutes of core dump rage and frustration that is also entertaining and witty." (Film Threat)

"Brilliant feat..." (Profil)

"Popcultural wholesale assault..." (Diagonale 2018)

"Sometimes it feels as if the entire content of Wikipedia would be rammed into your brain with a USB stick." (Press Play)

"If Slavoj Zizek would create Kinder Surprise Eggs, this film would be in them." (RDTB)

"Grenzfurthner is our guide through a political minefield, giving us his notes like an angry chorus from the ancient Greek and Shakespearean plays... an unmethodical survey of a gargantuan topic." (ScreenCritix)

"It's really hard to deny the expert way this movie was pieced together. It's a mix and match party of epic proportions." (IndyRed)

"The movie delivered on many more levels than I expected possible. It has the potential to break into echo chambers and filter bubbles; it can empower people by providing them with a deeper understanding of the human condition." (CelebBeat)

"Despite addressing political issues, revolutionary ideas and gently poking at the present culture of lackadaisical, dependent and largely misinformed public/audience, the film delivers its content with class, wit and generous humour." (Indie Shorts Mag)


Accolade Competition - Win: Award of Merit (March 2018)
Austrian Filmfestival - Nominated: Best Feature Documentary (March 2018)

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Festival premiere at DIAGONALE 2018, Graz, Austria (March 16, 2018; 11 pm / tickets)
Party premiere at GARTENBAU KINO, Vienna, Austria (March 22, 2018; 8:45 pm / tickets)
Screening at Vermont International Film Festival (Champlain College, Perry Hall, 420), Burlington VT, USA (April 11, 2018; 6:30 pm / location)
Screening at Maison 2109, Montreal, Canada (April 15, 2018; 7 pm / location)
Screening at Local64, Montpelier VT, USA (April 17, 2018; 7 pm / location)
Screening at Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany (June 5, 2018; 7 pm / at Scala Programmkino: tickets)

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