5. Der Oxo Raster. An Electronical Palimpsest (feat. Electronič)
Music: Raymond Lefèvre (c) 1981 Editions EMCI
Johannes Grenzfurthner: voc & gargeling
Markus Hufnagl: synth
Marcus Nikolaus Hofer: guit
Matthias Lackenberger: bass
Christoph Richter: drums
Franz Ablinger: live rec, sample & technical support
Sample from „Oxo la terre“: Raymond Lefèvre & Stéphane Lerouge, prod. by Thierry Wolf for FGL, Mastering: Hervé, Translab

The French comedy movie “La soupe aux choux” (1981) tells the story of two farmers (one played by Louis de Funès) whose days are filled with wine and cabbage soup, while they spend their nights getting drunk and farting. By doing so they attract an alien spaceship from planet Oxo.
The famous astronomer Carl Sagan conducted tests in 1990 on whether scientific methods could prove existence of life on Earth. He searched snapshots of Earth taken by the Galileo spacecraft for evidence. The only thing to be found was a huge amount of methane, a so-called “digester gas”. So, Louis de Funès was always right. What attracts aliens? Flatus!
We’d like to honour the comedian’s eternal wisdom by playing Raymond Lefèvre’s soundtrack song “Oxo la terre”. This version was recorded live on April 30th, 2001 at the B72 in Vienna, by monochrom subgroup Electronič at their first and only show. Electronič was a musical collaboration project with Matthias Lackenberger and some of his dear friends. How did we learn to know Matthias? He was an assistant who helped with our exhibition “Pension Midi” (April-November 2001) which was on display at the somewhat silly art space Klangturm in St. Pölten. “Pension Midi” showed the famous history of electronic music in a folkloristic ambiance which seemed fair enough at that moment in time (right before everything went really bad for electronic music).
“Der Oxo Raster” was taken from the virtual live album “Wir essen Krill, den Welternährer. Ein Erlebnisbericht“. The album can be downloaded here: www.monochrom.at/electronitsch

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