On July 21, 2005 Austrian artist and writer Prof. Georg Paul Thomann died in a tragic accident at the tender age of 60.

Born 1945 in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. Thomann started to study arts in Vienna in 1963 where he carried out his first artistic projects. Between 1964-1980 he lived and worked in Berlin, Paris, Munich, Palo Alto/California, New York, London. In 1980 he returned to his beloved Vienna.

Upon his return he carried out various projects as a conceptual artist. He time was spent divided between being a painter, performer, photographer, video artist, musician, etc. A true renascence man with an undying love for Austria.

He frequently received prizes and grants in recognition of his various amazing talents. In 1988 he was awarded the Professor h. c. title by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He was an honored lecturer on contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

In 2002 he was Austria’s national representative at the Sao Paulo Biennial where he was received with great fanfare. He also wrote various books on artistic and sociopolitical topics (last publication: “Die Konflikt-Masche”, edition selene, Vienna 1999). The funeral will take place on Friday, July 29 in Hall in Tirol/Austria.

(Thanks to Jake Appelbaum for help with translation)

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