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Gone But Never Forgotten!
The Tragic Story Of Honzo

In 1952, Austrian big-game hunter and Africa ‘researcher’ Ernst Zwilling (a colonial revisionist and member of the Nazi party) brought a male chimpanzee from Cameroon to Schönbrunn, the Viennese zoo. In his African home, ‘Honzo’ had reportedly been a friendly and amiable animal, but in the zoo he began to show a rather violent temper. Due to his choleric outbreaks, poor Honzo was kept in solitary confinement. The chimpanzee was given beer and cigarettes. He got addicted and died an alcoholic and chain-smoker. After his death, the chimp was taxidermied (see above picture) and put into the Viennese Museum of Natural History. Now people from all over the world stare at him.

This page is dedicated to Honzo: the victim, the choleric, the drug abuser.

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Thirteenth entry:
By Felix Knoke
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Honzo Crazy Disco Lazy

Twelfth entry:
By Michael Maurer
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Eleventh entry:
By Thomas Glatz, Munich
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Tenth entry:
By Christopher Thomas Palmer
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Nineth entry:
By Steve Reeder / Motmot Design
(the whole comic strip was published in "Cheetahs Never Win #2", here is a PDF)

Eigthth entry:
By Bre Pettis
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Seventh entry:
By Kewagi

Sixth entry:
By Der Professor

Fifth entry:
By Rokko

Fourth entry:
By Maxxx

Third entry:
By Zack Turdy

Second entry:
"The Young Generation" by Lamin

First entry:
Tag, public restroom @ MQ Vienna.
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