Sierra Zulu’s Film Score: Long Live The Keyboard!

Our idea is to have a musical score that uses a Casio MT-100 keyboard as the primary instrument, but over time expands to also use a classic brass band.

Backstory: Yaphet Okuna — the Nigerian UN soldier in the camp — is playing a Casio MT-100 in his spare time. It helps him to forget his troublesome past and functions as an outlet for his emotions.

The first act of the movie is only using Okuna’s cover versions of pop songs as the soundtrack. We consider how Okuna would perform songs, given the actual limitations of the keyboard, and what kind of arrangement will serve the tone of the scene where the song is used. We like the verité aspect of this truly diegetic introduction. Here is an example, a draft version of Okuna’s (aka Damien DiFede’s) take on “Crazy”: Crazy Draft MP3.
The second act uses the keyboard as the main instrument for the actual original score.
The third act introduces the Soviet brass band, joining the keyboard and making the soundtrack richer and more forceful for the big showdown.

Mark Mothersbaugh
wants to compose the original score. Damien DiFede is arranging the pop songs for Okuna’s play.