55th Party Convention of the CPSUZöD


55th Party Convention of the CPSUZöD

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Soviet Unterzögersdorf (pronounced “oon-taa-tsee-gars-doorf”; could be roughly translated as “Lower-Adobe-Village” or “Lower-Procrastination-Village”, the etymologists are not quite clear about the origin) is the last existing appanage republic of the USSR. The enclave maintains no diplomatic relationship with the Republic of Austria – which surrounds it – or with the European Union. In particular the downfall of the motherland – the Soviet Union – in the early 1990s had a bad effect on the country’s economic situation. In 2001, after a year of intensive negotiations, the Bureau of International Understanding (in co-operation with the Department of Foreign Affairs) agreed to a co-operation with monochrom Travel (Vienna), in which a group of diplomats would be received and granted accommodation for one night. The meeting was the historic opening of the tiny republic. Therefore, another delegation – this time real tourists! – was invited in 2002. This site is a chronological documentation of their memorable visit.

Let my hoe sing what your wants to say!


Schedule of Festivities
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international understanding
economic performance
policy of expansion
the awakening

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