Arse Elektronika 2009


Saul Albert
Saul Albert is an artist and technologist from London whose work emerged from the intersection of 'net art, DIY culture and the Free Software movement in the 90's and continues to develop forms of participatory culture, technology and governance.
In 2006 he co-founded (with Michael Weinkove) The People Speak (, to create 'tools for the world to take over itself'
and get people to talk to each other.

Tatiana Bazzichelli
Tatiana Bazzichelli is a communication sociologist and expert in network culture, hacktivism and net art. She is PhD Scholar at the University of Aarhus in Denmark (Information and Media Studies) and Visiting Researcher at the Stanford Humanities Lab, Stanford University. She wrote the book Networking. The Net as Artwork published by the Digital Aesthetics Research Center of Aarhus, 2009 ( Her fields of interest are networking and hacktivism as a strategy for art, and in 2001 she founded the networking project AHA:Activism-Hacking-Artivism (, which won the Honorary Mention for Digital Communities at the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, 2007). She organized, together with Gaia Novati, CUM2CUT: Indie-Porn-Short-Film-Festival (2006-2008), an independent porn competition first based in Berlin and further developed as a nomadic entity ( Towards the end of the 90's she organized several exhibitions and conventions on media art and hacktivism, such as HACK.Fem.EAST (, Berlin, 2008), HackMIT! (Berlin, 2007), (Berlin 2005), Art on the Net in Italy (Berlin 2005), MediaDemocracy and Telestreet (Munich, 2004), AHA (Rome, 2002).,

Violet Blue
I'm Violet Blue -- pro blogger, podcaster, vlogger and femmebot at Metblogs SF, Geek Entertainment TV, and Gawker Media's Fleshbot. I'm the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and a Forbes Web Celeb. I am also the best-selling, award-winning author and editor of almost two dozen books; some translated into five languages. I lecture about online porn to cyberlaw classes at UC Berkeley and sex crisis counselors at community teaching institutions. My podcast is the notorious Open Source Sex, profiled everywhere from Wired and Newsweek (MSNBC) to the Wall Street Journal. My fun tech culture blog is techyum. I am not in porn. There's a Violet Blue Wikipedia page (but you'll learn more about me here). I am: violet at tinynibbles dot com.

Kim De Vries
Kim De Vries earner her MA and PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in English (Rhetoric and Composition) and has been teaching rhetoric and writing since 1994. Her research interests include global rhetorics, new/digital media, and internet culture. Recently she has been studying the institutionalization of new media, particularly the involvement of women, and is conducting a series of interviews to gather material on how gender shapes our engagement with technology. A member of the polyamorous community, she is exploring how gender, technology, and social networks intersect in the formation and empowerment of a marginalized group. You can find her work at her blog, "Else-If-Then" which can be found at Comments are very welcome!

Reesa Brown
Reesa Brown is a writer and business owner living in Central Texas. She has been recently published in the Stoker award-winning queer horror anthology "Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet" by Dark Scribe Press, as well as the upcoming RE/search and monochrom anthology "Do Androids Sleep With Electric Sheep?"

R. U. Sirius
R. U. Sirius (born Ken Goffman) is a US writer, editor, talk show host, musician and cyberculture icon, best known as co-founder and original Editor-In-Chief of Mondo 2000 magazine from 1989–1993.

Annalee Newitz
Annalee Newitz writes about science and science fiction. She is the editor-in-chief of, the author of Pretend We're Dead: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop Culture, and the co-editor of She's Such a Geek. She's contributed to Wired, New Scientist, and the Washington Post. Formerly, she was a policy analyst at EFF and the weirdo behind the syndicated column Techsploitation.

Johannes Grenzfurthner
Johannes Grenzfurthner is an artist, writer, director, and DIY researcher. He founded monochrom (an internationally acting art-tech-theory group) in 1993. He is head of Arse Elektronika (sex and tech) festival in San Francisco and co-hosts Roboexotica (Festival for Cocktail-Robotics). He holds a professorship for art theory and art practice at the University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria. Recurring topics in his work are: contemporary art, activism, performance, humour, philosophy, sex, communism, postmodernism, media theory, cultural studies, popular culture studies, science fiction, and the debate about copyright.

Monika Kribusz
Is artist, writer, performer and tantric. She is working in the fields of gender, mystic, consciousness expanding techniques, she is a researcher in the ancient roots of Indian tantrism. Monika is working on the integration of body-mind-spirit developing techniques in postmodern reality. In her art projects she is hacking the male heterosexuality dominated common perception of spirituality. She encourages the individual to create their own identity in adventurous and exciting ways. She uses the laboratory of applied sexuality to discover new ways of interaction between human beings. She uses modern technologies to show the flow of energy in the body during sexual intercourse as proof of what the tantric tradition discovered thousands of years ago. Polyamory, bisexuality, sexuality used as a generator for human creative energy are her actual topics.

Kyle Machulis
Kyle Machulis, aka qDot, is a researcher of alternate input mechanisms and haptics, which is really a fancy way of saying he breaks sex toys. Through his Slashdong webpage (, he uses the topic of teledildonics (remotely actuated sexual experience) to teach the basic concepts of software, electrical and mechanical engineering. He also tracks the convergence of sex and technological advances in toys and interaction, building on the idea that paradigms for interfaces people would use for intimate encounters on computers can be extended to other usage experiences.

Ani Niow
Pink, sexy and occasionally averse to pants, San Francisco based Ani Niow has decided in lieu of a proper bio, you should grab the nearest dictionary and look up "awesome". In summary... Ani Niow spends her time hacking sex toys, volunteering for sex-positive feminist minded art galleries such as Femina Potens, and helping to put on the monthly 5ive Minutes of Fame at SF's Noisebridge hackerspace. Rising to infamy in 2009 by creating the steampunk vibrator, Ani hopes to create an entire line of mechanically interesting sex toys in the near future.

Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint is a San Francisco organizer, activist, and social theorist in the bisexual, polyamory, and BDSM movements. He holds a Master's in Computer Science from MIT, where he started doing queer activism in 1994. With his partner Jen, he puts on nonmonogamy workshops in the San Francisco area, and he is currently running three different local polyamory events. In addition, he moderates various internet polyamory forums and has been active in online poly communities since 2001. Pepper has written a number of papers and essays that approach polyamory, BDSM, and bisexuality from a queer theory perspective, including a paper on cheating published in the Journal of Bisexuality. To view his writings, visit and He would love to hear from you at

Rainer Prohaska
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
Experiments with modular temporary sculptures as architectonic interventions in public space and with mobile objects. In this experiments the "Performative Act of Constructing" and the "Effects of the Public Space" on this process play a crucial role. The construction methods of these sculptures and objects are inspired by toy kits like Lego and Matador. [E.g.: Toy-Kit Architectures , "The 'Z'-Boats", "Enter Beijing"] // Cross-Media works that deal with entanglements of real space and virtual space. The orchestration of these projects works with methods of contemporary performing art. These methods are described in Rainer Prohaska's "C.O.H.R.-Theory" as the "Construction of Hybrid Realities". [E.g.: Operation Cntrcpy, KRFTWRK] // Artistic concepts, which take on common processes, transform and present them as a modified reality in performances and fine art projects. One focus is "Cooking as a basis for Fine Art and Performing Art Works". [E.g.: Restaurant Transformable].

Carol Queen
Carol Queen, Ph.D. curates the antique vibrator museum at Good Vibrations, where she also serves as Staff Sexologist and Chief Cultural Officer. She is the founding director of the Center for Sex & Culture, a sex education, library, archive, and cultural center in San Francisco. She has written three books (Exhibitionism for the Shy, Real Live Nude Girl, and Firecracker Alternative Book Award winner The Leather Daddy and the Femme) and edited (or co-edited) eight collections of erotica and personal essays, including the Lambda Literary Award-winning PoMoSexuals. She's a frequent commentator on television and in documentary films about sex, and has appeared in several sex ed videos, including explicit cult classic Bend Over Boyfriend: a Couple's Guide to Male Anal Pleasure. She uses her
academic perspective as a sociologist and cultural sexologist to view contemporary and historical society and understand the roles sexuality plays and has played. Please visit her:,,,

Eleanor Saitta
Eleanor Saitta is a designer, artist, hacker, and researcher working at the intersections between mediums ranging from interaction design and architecture through jewelry and fashion, with an emphasis on the seamless integration of technology into lived experience and the humanity of objects and the built environment.  She has previously worked at the NASA Ames Research Center and the IBM Almaden Research Center, and divides her time between Seattle and New York, as life allows.

Randy Sarafan
Randy Sarafan is a new-media artist who is currently the Director of Imagineering for SF Media Labs, a Virtual Fellow with F.A.T. (Free Art and Technology) Lab, and a top project contributor at, the leading user-generated how-to website. Randy's work has a unique personal style and inherent ingenuity that can only be described as "troubling" by any reasonably sound individual. He has graduated with honors in the Design Technology program at Parsons School of Design and lives in San Francisco.

Jason Scott
Jason Scott is a computer historian and archivist who runs the website, creates documentaries about computer history, and collects enormous amounts of data to save for later generations. He has been known to occasionally get it on.

Douglas Spink
Douglas Spink serves as Chief Technology Officer for Baneki Privacy Computing (, a leading provider of anti-censorship, anti-surveillance, and privacy services globally. As founder and managing partner of Exitpoint Stallions (, he has trained, managed, ridden, and promoted several internationally successful showjumping stallions, and has written extensively on topics relating to respectful, empathetic cross-species relationships - both in the professional context of showjumping, and more broadly. He holds a BA from Reed College, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and is currently on hiatus from his doctoral program in complex systems mathematics with Portland State University. He lives "off grid" in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with his family of dogs and a small bachelor herd of stallions, and is not as scary as his reputation suggests - honest. He twitters @drfausty, on an eclectic range of subjects.

Allen Stein
Allen Stein is a co-founder of Seattle based ‘RandD’ firm SenseTrak which is focused on technology innovations applied to sensuality training. His insatiable curiosity in emerging technologies and his expertise in business development lead him to invent the world’s first Internet-controlled commercial sex machine, thethrillhammer, and the underlying technology infrastructure for mass consumer deployment.
The initial popularity of thethrillhammer propelled his work into designing various luxury pleasure crafts and sex devices for a very discrete private clientele and adult industry clients. The machines feature the latest in sexual technology and everything from back massagers, auto lube, or the often requested vaporizers, all under Internet control. To fund his research in human computer interaction sexual with machines, Allen began producing AVN Award-nominated scenes for the adult industry leaders, including Homegrown Video and Pink Visual. Twice nominated he was crushed when he lost Best Solo Scene to I Love Big Toys Volume 2. He is forever worried that he will be a Susan Lucci of porn.

Uncle Abdul
Uncle Abdul a Professional Electrical Engineer with nearly 50 years of experience and comes with a proven expertise in the electrical sexual stimulation field.  In 1998 under the nom de plume, Uncle Abdul, "JuiceElectricity for Pleasure and Pain" was written.  It has subsequently has become the premier primer on the subject of electrical stimulation for sexual purposes (otherwise known as E-Stim).  Unc' has also presented on this very topic around the US and in Canada on numerous occassionsincluding being an invited guest lecturer for the Wardell B. Pomeroy Lecture Series to health care professionals at San Francisco's Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Unc' also have a website on the subject (see providing supplemental information on E-Stim.  He is the world acknowledged expert in this field.

Noah Weinstein
Noah Weinstein is a traveler, pig roaster, pizza enthusiast, dreamer and general doer of things.  He is currently the Research Director at SF Media Labs, a whitewater raft guide with ARTA (American River Touring Association), and Head of Production at  His previous work includes, social research, custom speaker building, exhibit creation and taxidermy.  Noah graduated with honors from the Environmental Studies and Visual Art departments at Brown University and currently lives in Oakland, CA.  He has helped teach 1.2 million people how to kiss.

Rose White
Rose White is a sociology PhD student at Graduate Center­CUNY, in Manhattan, but lives in Brooklyn because that's where all the action is. Her doctoral work is on how bright people break rules (in other words, deviance and technology!)—tell her what you want studied and maybe she'll get on that. In 1997 she had a story anthologized in Best American Erotica, which means it's about time for her to write some new porn.