Arse Elektronika San Francisco 2012

Prixxx Arse Elektronika 2012 Awards Ceremony

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Location: Armory Club (1799 Mission Street, San Francisco)
Doors open 7:30
Show starts at 8:30 PM

An unobjectionable award for sex machines, orgasmotrons and teledildonics

A gala hosted by monochrom's Johannes Grenzfurthner

Featuring many guests stars!
Doctor X. Treme!
David Fine (The Arse ARG)!
Anna Anthropy!
Kristen Stubbs!

The winners will be honored with the "Golden Kleene" (*)

There was a young man named Kleene
Who invented a fucking machine.
Concave or convex,
It fit either sex,
And was remarkably easy to clean!

(limerick, attributed to John von Neumann)

Our gala will be a dignified occasion -- and so we invite you to dress up properly. Surprise us with Computer Game Sex Heroes and Sex Heroines... and maybe win a "Golden Kleene" yourself!