Arse Elektronika 2011: Schedule

Opening Night and Prixxx Arse 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011
7:00 PM
Location: Chez Poulet
(3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco)

An unobjectionable award for sex machines, orgasmotrons and teledildonics
A gala hosted by monochrom's Johannes Grenzfurthner
Featuring many guests stars, like Aaron Muszalski, Jonathan Mann and the PSIgasm team!
Our gala will be a dignified occasion -- and so we invite you to dress up properly. Surprise us with Socialist Sex Superheroes and Superheroines... and maybe win a "Golden Kleene" yourself!


Friday, September 30, 2011
7:00 PM
Location: Center for Sex and Culture
(1349 Mission btw 9th and 10th, San Franciso)

PSIgasm project
By Ned Mayhem / Maggie Mayhem
7 PM

Venereal Disease Helps the Enemy: Biopower at War
Adam Flynn
8 PM

Proverted Pastimes: Orgasm and Gameplay
Heather Kelley
9 PM

It's Wankie Time!
A DIY performance by Johannes Grenzfurthner/monochrom - featuring Rose White
9:30 PM


Saturday, October 1, 2011
12:00 noon
Location: Center for Sex and Culture
(1349 Mission btw 9th and 10th, San Franciso)

Experiential Technologies for the Performance of Socio-Sexual Identities
Ella Saitta
12:30 pm MP3

Phallic Home Economics
Griffin Boyce
1:30 PM MP3

Witchhunt 2010
Douglas B Spink
2:30 PM MP3

(Break / 3:30 pm - 4 pm)

Sex Work, Disability, and Stigma
Kitty Stryker
4 PM MP3

Hacking Health: Queer Machines, Ideal Bodies and What Medicine Can Learn From Sex/Tech
Laura Duncan
5 PM MP3

Re-Caste-ing Alternative Sexuality: A Class Analysis of Social Status in the BDSM Scene
6 PM MP3

What does it mean to be a technosexual?
Gopinaath Kannabiran
7 PM MP3


Saturday, October 1, 2011
8:30 PM
Start at Center for Sex and Culture (1349 Mission btw 9th and 10th, San Franciso) -- followed by monochrom's UNICOCK AND UNICUNT that will end at Noisebridge (2169 Mission Street, San Francisco)

Workshops and Unconference

Sunday, October 2, 2011
1 PM thru 8 PM
Location: Noisebridge
(2169 Mission Street, San Francisco)

Screw the System of Objectification. Objectification is a Lossy Compression of Humanity
Rich Gibson
1 PM

Pervertables: A Hands-on Workshop in Being a DIY Deviant
Kitty Stryker and Maggie Mayhem
1:45 PM

Postgeographic Sexuality
Willow Brugh
2:30 PM

Make your own Mind Controlled Dildo
David Fine
3:15 PM

CSS Citizen Sexual Science
Ned Mayhem, Rich Gibson, others
4:00 PM

Measurement Electronics for Hobbyists
Ned Mayhem
4:45 PM


If you want to do a workshop or presentation, please email us.