Arse Elektronika 2007: Performance Abstracts

Fucking Machines

Meet Airstorm, Annihilator, Antique Intruder, Black Magic, BunnyFucker, Cathedral, Chopper, Crane, Crystal Palace, DominateHer, Double Crane, Double JeTaime, Dragon, Drilldo, Frankenwand,, Fucking Chair, Fucksall, Fuckzilla, Goatmilker, Hammer, Hatchet, Intruder, Intruder mk II, JeTaime, Lick-A-Chick, Lighthouse, Littleguy, Loving Chair, Mini Mite, Monster, Mower, Predator, Priceless, PussyCam, Pussy Wacker, Reactor, Robo-Spanker, Rocker, Scorpion, Snake, SoundFucker, Sybian, Tit Suckers, Toolbox, Trespasser, Twinserter, Vulvulator, Wet Dreams or Woody.

Matt Ganucheau

Moaning Lisa

The process leading to a female orgasm is a uniquely delicate challenge for both sexes leaving it a mystery to most men and women. Moaning Lisa is an instillation that examines this complex process by simplifying it into an almost game-like state. With Lisa, as in life, there are no instructions on display. This leaves each participant to discover
how Lisa’s true sexual potential is unlocked. Lisa, a busty mannequin, stands idly awaiting interaction. Once a participant is standing in front of her, Lisa will detect their presence using ultrasonic sensors located within her eyes. Immediately she will begin to moan softly enticing the participant to increase their level of interaction. Further interaction can occur by using any one or combination of her 7 sensors located strategically throughout her body.

Thomas Edlinger

Porn, Tech And Beyond

Thomas Edlinger will present us with a special DJ set for Arse Elektronika.


Porn Tub Punch: Drinking The Essence Of Technology Away. Pretty Good Performance, Featuring YOU, My Friend.

If you can say that porn is what drives technology to our households again and again, and if you can say further that most porn is simply about "putting sperm" on a female's body in a more or less Jackson Pollock-esque way ... why not try to come to the somewhat wacky but nice and handy conclusion that the very essence of this fucking stupid game can be calculated by a quite arbitrary method of counting porn movies at a randomly chosen video rental store somewhere in this post-free-love-San-Francisco-town. The number of films available there is to be multiplied with the number of cumshots on an average porn DVD (that we found through an empirically correct but gruelling field trial watching a great number of porn movies in fast forward mode). This number again is to be multiplied with the amount of sperm a male body (within the age and health parameters for acting in porn movies) produces, as it is (probably) contained here: Thus we get a basic unit (liquid) of what people call "technological advance". This unit can then be filled in a bowl, which is then going to be served at the opening party. Of course the bowl will only contain fake sperm just as it is in most of the earlier porn movies because we couldn't "come up" with such an amount of real sperm just by ourselves. Please apologize. But that's your luck, because now you can drink it. And be (probably) sure: We'll (probably) mingle some liquor in it to get you partying (probably) really good. We hope in the end we all will feel a little gender-troubled but proud of gulping down technological advance in this highly concentrated form and maybe you have some real sex with somebody in the end. P.S.: A highly theoretical lecture comes along with it as if this was the serious part of a serious event to be remembered... Cheers!

Kegel Kater

The Electric Orifice Orchestra

Witness as extravagantly dressed performers use live biofeedback from muscular interior walls of their bodies to create a multi-media interactive show.

See body orifices do amazing things that you never imagined possible!