Arse Elektronika 2007: Schedule


20:00 Opening (Johannes Grenzfurthner, monochrom)

20:30 The Electric Orifice Orchestra (Performance by Kegel Kater)

21:30 Moaning Lisa (Presentation by Matt Ganucheau)

22:00 Porn Tub Punch: Drinking The Essence Of Technology Away. Pretty Good Performance, Featuring YOU, My Friend (Performance by monochrom)

22:45 Fucking Machines (Performance/presentation by

Afterwards: Party with Thomas Edlinger (DJ Set: "Porn, Tech And Beyond")


11:00 Mark Dery (Keynote): Paging Dr. Moreau: "Humanimal" Porn in the Age of Xenotransplants and Genetic Chimera

12:00 Carol Queen: Your Great-Grandmother's Vibrator: How the technologies of our times shape
sex and pleasure

13:00-13:30 Break

13:30 Jonathan Coopersmith: Technology as a force for democritization: The rise of do-it-yourself pornography

14:30 Kyle Machulis: Getting The Message Across: Hardware and Software Interfaces for Sexual Interaction

15:30 Tina Lorenz: Putting It in Perspective: What Role Does Technology Play in Today's Mainstream Porno Films?

16:30 Violet Blue: Ceiling Cat Hates Your Porn: Sexual Privacy Online

17:30 Eon McKai and Violet Blue: MSM Porn Wishes It Had A Blog, AVN Licks Your Vlog

18:30 Stefan Lutschinger: The Re-Judgement of Paris: How “Ob/scenity” Gave the World Modern Art in 1863

19:30 David Dempsey: Porn and Personal Development

20:30 Autumn Tyr-Salvia: How Porn & Tech Change Sexual Discourse

Afterwards: Party with Matt Ganucheau (DJ Set)


10:00 Film screening "Love Machine" (2001) (+ Break)

12:00 Peter Asaro and Katie Vann: Pornomechanics: Sex Robots and the Mechanisms of Love

13:00 Annalee Newitz: A Futurist's History of Sexual Technology

14:00 Thomas Ballhausen: Push It! Fragments from the History of Adult Remakes

15:00 Amanda Williams: Sex and Computation in a Material World

16:00 Rose White: When correctly viewed, anything is lewd: An unintended consequence of Web 2.0

17:00 Thomas Edlinger: Plug me in! Porn and Art

18:00 Katherina Zakravsky: A Brief History of Cultural Genitals

19:00 Aaron Muszalski: Behind The (Green) Screen Door: Exploring the Untapped Potential of Digital Visual Effects in Pornography

20:00 Timothy Archibald: Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews. How small town inventors are changing America

21:00 Thomas Roche (Panel): Porn, Tech and Creativity: How technology changes the erotic creative process

Afterwards: Chill Out and Conference Closing