Arse Elektronika San Francisco 2014

Performers, film makers and workshop hosts

Ann Antidote

Ann Antidote is an autodidact DIY artist, active in the fields of bondage, video, performance and land art. She has been active in the promotion of consensual lifestyles (polyamorous, queer and kinky/bondage/sex-positive) as respect deserving options. This political (and personal) aspect permeates her artistic production in Berlin, where she lives, and beyond. Not regretting a former life in Physics, she quit her non-art-related day job in 2009, and brought most her projects to concrete form under the protective umbrella "The Strange Life of the Savages" as full-time occupations. Currently she is busy giving a series of workshops all over Germany and finishing a couple of performances and videos, mostly in cooperation with others.

Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly is a Detroit-area artist, hacker and teacher. He holds a MFA from UCLA's School of the Arts and Architecture, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the Art Department at Eastern Michigan University. Since 2003, he has shown work in solo and group art exhibitions in the US, Europe and Asia. Working individually and collaboratively, his artwork explores telepresence, relationships, physical subjectivity and community building with media including games, performances, relational objects, robots, and open-source hardware/software projects.


clit*IT is a Vienna based team of two: Viktoria* Drexler and Lucia Lechner.
Since 2013 they deal with digital games from a queer_feminist perspective while putting the medium itself in focus. They are convinced that digital games can provide another level of queer_feminist critique. GUESS MY GENDER represents the beginning of a series of games that focus on transferring and working with philosophical concepts. However, the goal is not to develop educational games in the sense of explaining certain concepts of thought to the players.

David Fine

A sex robot from the 25th century.


Comingle develops open-source sex toy platforms. We target innovations in interaction, stimulation, and DIY. The goal is for individuals to be able to safely customize their sexual experiences in ways previously only imaginable. Comingle is Andrew Quitmeyer, Paul Clifton, and Craig Durkin. We are based in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. X. Treme

Dr. X.Treme quit building quantum computer systems for the US spy agencies in 2012 to build sex machines full time. He is the founder/CEO/inventor of X. Treme Orgasmatronics, and the X-1 Orgasmatron (which won a Golden Kleene at Arse Elektronika 2012), a new type of sex machine based on hacking the applied physics of vibrators.

Jimmie P. Rodgers

Jimmie P. Rodgers is a full time hacker, maker, artist, musician, circuitbender, etc. He designs open source hardware kits, as well as teach a variety of workshops, and give talks on topics that interest him. Basically Jimmie travels around the world, and then does/makes/teaches anything he has interest in.

Yoshi Obayashi

After graduating from The Evergreen State College, Yoshi meandered through many unfilling jobs until entering adult business. First worked for 4 years in adult retail businesses in Seattle, eventually he reached the highest echelon by working for prestigious and controversial adult super studio, Evil Angel Prodcutions. He was a DVD producers for Hall of Fame directors such as Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, John Leslie and Christof Clark. He was a DVD producer for over 800 titles.
He also dabbled in the casting and found talents for mainstream shows, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Man Show (with Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope). He was also consultant for two seasons of Dave's Old Porn for Showtime. In addition, he is a stand up comedian who opened for legendary comedians such as Dave Attell, Russell Peters, Jim Norton and Patrice O'neil. You can see him in NBC's Last Comuc Standing and Showtime's Comic Without Borders.
He was also part of very popular health podcast called DVDASA and currently running his own podcast called Yoshididnt. When he's not working in adult business, doing stand up and podcast shows, he travels to exotic locations such as Afghanistan. Follow Yoshi @yoshiobayashi on Twitter.

David Dempsey

David Dempsey is an ADDled informationmaniac who has replaced his mostly dysfunctional long-term memory with the web and small electronic thingies. After several years of multimedia production including a few disastrous but thrilling experiences in the realm of web video production during the dot-com boom, he has found a happy and comfortable existence as a media monkey for an Austrian radio station. Despite massive incomprehension of any concepts that can be described using the terms modern, post modern, or mildly clever, he delivers a daily column following interesting web links, moderates several radio shows and is occasionally paid for providing commentary on the frequently brutal stupidity of his native country.

1990: Acceptance into the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, Visual Media Design.
1992: Expulsion from the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, Visual Media Design.
1993-1999: Freelance work as Cameraman, Graphic and Multimedia Designer (Print, Web, UI and Video Postproduction)
1993-2007: Freelance technical consultant for media production
2000: Production design, motion design, and technical consulting for Webdesign and motion graphics for the Auslaender Raus project by Christoph Schlingensief.
2000-2001: Creative Director and technical consultant for Framfab Austria.
2001-: Freelance moderator, photographer and music/tech journalist for ORF, TV1, and various other projects.

Kristen Stubbs

Kristen Stubbs., Ph.D., is a queer/pansexual roboticist who's more interested in people than in technology. Kristen runs a sex-positive startup, Passionate Produce ( She blogs about technological empowerment for sexuality and pleasure, including her own experiences and creations, at Kristen also co-organizes teasecraft-boston, a meetup group for sex/kink-positive makers

Maggie Mayhem

Maggie Mayhem is an HIV prevention specialist gone rogue who has appeared everywhere from Kink.Com to Yale University. A sex worker by trade and an activist at heart, Mayhem is an advocate for the full decriminalization of prostitution who never turns down a great on camera sex role. Her 3 most recent exploits include being an award presenter at the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, a speaker at Theorizing the Web 2014 in Brooklyn, and volunteer team leader for Zohar tornado relief efforts in Pilger, NE. Mute her overactive Twitter account @MsMaggieMayhem

The Mystery Box Show

Producers Eric Scheur and Reba Sparrow work closely with storytellers to develop the most compelling sex-centric stories to share with the show's enthusiastic crowd. Since its inception in April of 2012, The Mystery Box Show has featured dozens of stories ranging from the hilariously awkward to the bittersweet and heartbreaking. Storytellers have included bestselling authors, nationally touring comedians, professionals from the adult industry, members of the kink community, and students and professionals from all walks of life. With a primary focus on entertainment, some stories reach surprising emotional septs while others may inspire listeners to chase after recently-awakened desires.
We are thrilled to return as a part of Arse Elektronkia 2014 and look forward to sharing our stories with all of you!
Find more information about The Mystery Box Show find us online:
Twitter: @mysteryboxpdx

Nicole Witte Solomon

Nicole Witte Solomon is a writer and filmmaker. She attended the New School University and received a BA in cultural studies. Upon graduating, she pursued writing and social justice organizing while working as an office manager, childcare provider, and phone sex operator, among other occupations. She was accepted into the Downtown Community Television internship program, and went on to be admitted into the graduate film program at The City College of New York (CUNY) where she earned her MFA in writing and directing narrative fiction. She has written and directed many short documentary and fiction films, often working in conjunction with social justice organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace, Ma'yan, and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

Roberta Orlando

Roberta Orlando is basing her artistic research on gender identities and performance art, with a specific attention to discrimination on sexual orientation. She works in visual art through video, photography, installation, performance and sound. Her artwork has been presented in several and different public spaces, art galleries and museums in Europe and USA.
Further more her study on gender and LGBT action has been performed in different countries such as: Italy, Spain, Germany, Estonia, UK and USA.