Arse Elektronika San Francisco 2015

Performances, workshops, movies

David Fine

David Fine is a sex robot from the 24th century.

Gerhard Liska

Mag. Gerhard Liska, born in 1965 lives and works in Vienna. Being a successful coach and supervisor an inner urge drives him towards artistic expression. Since 2013 he consequently emerges himself in the artistic field.
Being an autodidact to arts he is particularly interested in the sometimes seemingly obvious, sometimes rather hidden opportunities for personal and social transformation and development processes, which he explores in his artistic engagement.

Kristin Stransky

Kristin Stransky creates engaging and often playful artworks focused on social interaction, gender socialization and cultural expectations. Her artworks range from wearables and 3D printing to interactive art and installations. She is featured as a Westword "100 Colorado Creatives" and has participated in multiple interviews and articles. She has presented and moderated panels at New Media Caucus, ISEA 2011, and artist's talks at ISEA2015 and 2012. Her work has been featured on the Creator's Project, the Ars Electronica blog, Adafruit, and Instructables. Her work has been exhibited at Plus Gallery, as part of the CultureHaus Banner Event, in the National Conference for Media Reform, Denver International Airport, the COBO Center, A/NT Gallery, and PlatteForum. She has had exhibitions at GOCA 121, Curfman Gallery at Colorado State University as part of Colorado Contemporaries, Utah Valley University as part of the iDMMa conference, Wright State University, and Purdue University. She completed her BFA in Sculpture and Fibers from Saint Mary's College in 2007 and received her MFA in 2014 from the University of Denver in Emergent Digital Practices. Stransky is currently an adjunct professor in the Emergent Digital Practices program and worked in New York at Blue Stamp Engineering last summer. She has recently led a session of four art workshops for teen failure lab at the Denver MCA.

Patrick Jarnfelt and Andrea Hasselager

Patrick Jarnfelt and Andrea Hasselager are the two artists behind The Lovable Hat Cult.
A company, which artistic practice is closely linked with technology. They work with games, interactive app experiences, and interactive installations. The works often start with research, an idea, and then the technology will somehow set the boundaries for what is possible. The works often take an outset in the body, or deals with something related to the body or human nature. Instead of trying to find out what technology ultimately can do, or how it can be hacked or modified, they are more interested in seeing how it relates to the human and how it can express conditions, situations and emotions, either through technology itself, or through a more classic narrative.

Peter Robot


Randy Sarafan

Randy Sarafan is an interstellar wrecking ball of immeasurable destruction. He apologizes for nothing. His work has appeared in the National Enquirer, New York Times, California Academy of Sciences, MOMA gift shop, Tech Museum of Innovation, as well as on the Today Show, Tonight Show, NPR, the BBC, and Playboy radio. He lives and works in San Francisco and on the internet. Step-by-step instructions for replicating all of his artwork can be found online at

Ryan Finnigan


Sam Scott

Sam Scott is director of The Big Turn On and head of video at The Drum. Sam's films have an international media industry focus. He has produced and directed films on the rise of new media backing Scottish independence; Singapore's 'mobile-first' culture; the challenge and opportunities of marketing in Asia; the British media's coverage of the phone hacking trial, and in The Drum's new documentary, The Big Turn On, the revolutionary power of sex tech.
Sex sells, or does it? While countless brands have leveraged the power of lust, what of the burgeoning sex-tech industry? Are hook-up apps stripping the taboo from our sex lives, and how do they fit into the digital media mix? New fusions of tech and sex are shaking up relationships and presenting new opportunities for business. Porn dominates as ever, but a more consumer friendly vision of sex is on the horizon. Apps like Tinder carry all the hallmarks of mainstream social networks, and as the '50 Shades effect' sweeps across the West, transparency around sex has perhaps never been greater. The Big Turn On takes a look at everything realworldsex platform MakeLoveNotPorn and adultery platform Ashley Madison, Tinder to teledildonics.

Teresa Ascencao

Teresa Ascencao, a multimedia artist from Toronto, will be offering a creative webcam presentation on the laborious, and often mysterious, aspects of sex education and the creation of sexual agency around female sexual pleasure. Her immersive media artwork 'Her Pleasure, Her Desire; Remix,' provides female-identified persons with a creative platform to reinvent sexual expression. Using a social media platform, collaborators create autoerotic video and sound recordings as source content for the artwork. Inspired by the infamous 1996 Jenny Cam, Ascencao will speak to us virtually from a sensual room - one that simulates the room atmosphere of her collaborators. Ascencao is part of a community of artists who are using art as sex education. Her talk will touch on the challenges around education of pleasuring the clitoris. The clitoris includes a long internal wish-bone system that many people are still not aware of. She will also offer insights from her art community regarding what can be a laborious struggle in finding one's own desire and pleasure. Ascencao believes that art can be a means of carving creative space for sexual exploration, sexual agency and sex education.