Arse Elektronika San Francisco 2015


Aimi Watanabe

Aimi is an amateur poet, heavyweight socialite, professional analyst.

Christoph Pettus

Christophe Pettus started Blowfish in 1994. He's made dirty videos, published sexy comics, and generally had the time of his life since then.


Comingle ( is an Open Source Sex Toy company out of Atlanta, Georgia. Their goal is to open up sex-tech by sharing innovations in interaction design, stimulation, and DIY methodologies. Their first product, "The Mod" is an open source dildo platform that anyone can rapidly customize to interact with any kind of sensations including: music, bodily motion, skin touch, heartbeat, brainwaves and more!

Dr. Kit Stubbs

Dr. Kit Stubbs is a queer/pansexual roboticist who's more interested in people than in technology.

Eve Rickert

Eve Rickert is a mastermind and serial entrepreneur who has an uncanny knack for making things happen around her.

Franklin Veaux

Franklin Veaux is part mad scientist, part gonzo journalist. He's been building high-tech sex toys for decades in his basement workshop in Portland, Oregon.

Genevieve Aphrodite

Genevieve Aphrodite has spent all of her life in front of a computer and nearly as long on the Internet. She can be found on Twitter at @1c75a discussing a bevy of topics. She is an organizer for the HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference.

Ishan Raval

Ishan Raval's background is North Carolina and India, geographically, and philosophy and literature, academically. In the foreground, though, he is currently traveling around the country (and beyond it, soon) looking for people who have ideas about or are interested in newfangled and ambitious ways of organizing on a dual eco+labor front.

Klaus Bruegmann

Klaus Bruegmann (on behalf of Lasse Raus) is an indie game creator from Germany, who lived and worked in Tokyo on video game research and development from 2006-2014 (corporate, academic and independent). Born 1977, Diplom of Informatics (FU Berlin, FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg). Find details on his recent (non-adult) projects here.

Maggie Mayhem

Maggie Mayhem is a performer, writer, outlaw from Santa Cruz, CA. She has been called a "traitor to feminism" for her work in pornography and outspoken fight for sex worker rights. She has been seen everywhere from Yale University, Kink.Com, SxSW, IndiePornRevolution, BIL, Farmhouse Conf, Cum and Glitter, and more! She blogs at MissMaggieMayhem.Com, shoots independent queer pornography, and develops sex technology at PSIgasm.Net.

Mattie Brice

Mattie Brice is a play and games critic, designer, and activist. She previously wrote at publications like Kotaku, Paste Magazine, and PopMatters about design and social justice within the video game industry, and now writes independently. She also designs experimental games like EAT, Mission, and her most notable Mainichi, which was exhibited at the Museum of Design in Atlanta and an Official Selection at IndieCade. Mattie regularly speaks at industry events such as the Game Developers Conference and Different Games, including being the international keynote at Game Connect Asia Pacific. She often hosts community-related games events, most notably co-founding the Queerness and Games Conference and organizing Lost Levels. Mattie is now exploring bodies, performance, and interpretation in play.