Arse Elektronika Linz 2023


Sex, tech and artificial intelligence..

September 7-9, 2023, at DH5, Linz, Austria.

Humans, replicants!

Technology and sexuality have long been interconnected, from ancient cave drawings to modern VR porn. Despite the common belief that tech isolates us, it's vital to remember that we are a sexual and tool-using species. We can challenge oppressive structures in sexuality by offering new avenues for self-expression and fulfilling underrepresented desires. Sex tech, which encompasses sex machines, biohacking, teledildonics, AI-driven experiences, and bodies with enhanced sexual capabilities, opens up possibilities for resistance. These concepts, often explored in sci-fi and futurism, warrant both intellectual and sensual contemplation. Artificial intimacy can aid us in understanding our desires within the context of societal evolution and potentially help us break free from constraints. Since 2007, Arse Elektronika has been exploring these ideas globally and is eager to bring these essential discourses to Linz. Anticipate talks, workshops, performances, and... well... progressive smut!