Arse Elektronika Linz 2023

Location: DH5 (Herrenstraße 5, 4020 Linz, Austria)


THURSDAY, September 7, 2023

Doors & exhibition open at 18:00
Events start at 19:30
Doors close at midnight

Arse Elektronika: Sex, Tech and the Future of Screw-It-Yourself
Keynote by head of festival, Johannes Grenzfurthner

Peaches & Cream (talk)
Thomas Kranabetter & Jasmin Hagendorfer
21:00 Salon

Circuitous bodies (performance)
Behiye Erdemir, Volkan Dinçer, Veronica Pace
21:30 Salon

Techno-Fetish Party (talk and performance)
Dani Ploeger
21:50 Salon

Hentai shorts selection (film screening)
Sinan Şahin
23:00 Salon

Schwammerlbaron (DJ set)
00:00 Salon

FRIDAY, September 8, 2023

Doors & exhibition open at 11:00
Workshops start at 11:00
Doors close at midnight

BOT or NOT (workshop)
Thomas Geissl
11:00 Salon

Giga guat! (cooking performance)
Sebastian Vetter
13:00 Kitchen

Copy-Paste Hentai! (workshop)
Big Tiddy Oni-Chan Collective
14:00 Terrace

The Pleasure of Hacking (workshop)
Sabrina Verhage
14:00 Salon

OltrelaPelle (workshop)
Bruxies Lab
15:00 Kitchen

Love Tester Machines. Media Archeology of Sexual Appeal (talk)
Ania Malinovska
16:40 Salon

Eros, Ethics, and Cyborg Identity in Virtual Space (talk)
Quill Kukla & Dan Steinberg
17:40 Salon

Musings of a Mechatronical Mistress — The Peculiar Purpose of Tiffany the Sex Robot (film premiere)
Jasmin Hagendorfer
18:40 Salon

Mechatronic Musings: Discussing Society, Feminism, and the AI Revolution" (post-film panel discussion)
Jasmin Hagendorfer, Kate Devlin, Katta Spiel, Iris Phan, Philipp Fussenegger and Stefan Lacina
19:10 Salon

Missex (concert)
20:30 Hof

Wired Desires — short film selection presented by Porn Film Festival Vienna (film screening)
22:30 Salon

Arse DJ Set
00:00 Salon

SATURDAY, September 9, 2023

Doors & exhibition open at 11:00
Talks start at 11:00
Doors close at midnight

History of Oral Sex (talk and performance)
Maximilian Modl and Daniel Bierdümpfl
11:00 Salon

When Sex Robots Come!— An IT Security Penetration Test and Its Legal and Ethical Implications (workshop, in German)
Iris Phan
11:00 Kitchen

Pleasure Seeker Time Travel Talk: Exploring Love, Sex, Toys and Features in Future Motions (talk)
Claudia Virginia Dimoiu & Wenzel Mehnert
12:00 Salon

Beyond the Cleftal Horizon: Generative AI Porn for Diversity, Inclusion, and Empowerment (talk)
Stefan Lutschinger
14:00 Salon

Copy-Paste Hentai! (workshop)
Big Tiddy Oni-Chan Collective
14:00 Terrace

The Future of Social Sextech (talk)
Mahalia Henry-Richards & Abel Enklaar
15:00 Salon

The Fab Lab Cable Orgy Playbook (talk)
Noam Youngrak Son
16:00 Salon

How to Cheese AI: A Creamy History of Digital User Interfaces (workshop)
Hideo Snes
16:10 Kitchen

Interview with Anouk Wipprecht (talk)
17:30 Salon

Technology as a Resistance Tool Against Sexual Norms — Chance or Exclusion? (talk and performance)
performance by Uýra
talk with maiz, Nina Comtessa, sugar pa! and Damijan Stranner
18:30 Salon

Late Night Ultimate Full Contact Wrestling Madness (performance and music)
moderated by Alice Moe
music by ZAK!
stagedesign by Haras Ananas, Christoph Eblie Ebner and Walter Schalter
20:30 Hof

L'«IL YA» DU RAPPORT SEXUEL: Entity, Identity and the Construction of a Situational San Francisco (film screening)
Jos Diegel
23:00 Salon