Earthmoving: A Sierra Zulu Prequel

Another day at the United Nations Offices in Vienna. The Austrian Foreign Affairs Ministry invited members of the European Protocol Service, the UN Strategic Command Center for Central Europe, the United States Air Forces and a regional politician from Lower Austria to talk about the future of Soviet Unter-WHAT?!

How did we do it?
Here are all blog posts about the production of Sierra Zulu’s prequel Earthmoving!

Want to learn to know our film team?
Well… have a look! (Or check out IMDb.)

General Huub Van Hulzen: Jeff Ricketts
He Got It In His Eye: Achmed Abdel-Salam
MMag. Heinrich Hrubesch: Alexander Fennon
Capt. Kathleen Eberhardt USAFE: Adrienne Ferguson
Gemeinderat Leopold Atzl: Martin Auer
Gwyneth Flockton-Barusi: Lynsey Thurgar
Party Secretary Vladislav Gomulka: Harald Homolka-List
People of Oberolberndorf: Anonymous
Wicki the Thrash Metal Skater: Lorenz eSeL Seidler
Schorsch the Thrash Metal Skater: Richard Pyrker
Slobodan: Günther Friesinger
Farid: Arman T. Riahi
Mayor Filzmayer: Stuart Freeman
NÖN Photographer: Tom De Roeck

Director: Johannes Grenzfurthner
Screenwriter: Johannes Grenzfurthner
Co-Screenwriter: Roland Gratzer
Director of Photography: Martin Gschlacht
Editor: Tom De Roeck
Production Designer: Hans Wagner
Costume Designer: Monika Buttinger
Make-Up Supervisor: Michaela Oppl
Sound Mixer: Manuel Grandpierre
Production Manager: Sandra Gigerl
Producers: Arash T. Riahi, Michael Seeber, Sabine Gruber
Unit Production Manager: Ines Stoderegger
Location Manager: Martin Kirchner
Production Assistant: Theresa Winkler
First Assistant Director: Ramses Ramsauer
Second DOP: Mario Minichmayr
First Assistant Camera: Anna Manhardt
SFX DOP: Reinhard Birnbacher
Boom Operator: Joachim Baumann
Title Design: Daniel Fabry
Still Images: Magdalena Fischer, Tom De Roeck, Ralf Traunsteiner
Set Photography: Magdalena Fischer
Drawing Artist: Josh Ellingson
Computer Prop Technician: Franz Ablinger
Costume Tailor: Christine Horaner
Make Up On Set: Barbara Fröhlich
Gaffer: Werner Stibitz
Dolly Grip: Stefan Ludescher
Graphic Design Brand Logos and Computer Display: Johannes Grenzfurthner
Blood Splatter FX: Hans Wagner
UNOV Coordinator: Veronika Crowe-Mayerhofer
Technicians at UNOV: Günter Vogl, Manfred Habicht, Roman Allmeder, Johannes Durst
Heavy Equipment Coordinator: Johnny Dibon
Art & Catering Assistant: Paula Pongratz
Technical Assistant: Reinhard Birnbacher
Audio Post Production: Audiozone Inc
Sound Designer: Sebastien Bedard
Sound Mixer: Maxime Voinson
Special Sound FX: Cyberkineticfilms
Post Production Supervisor: Stefanie Gratzer
Post Production Assistant: Harald Prochaska
Color Grading: Stefanie Gratzer
Compositing: Verse
Compositing Team: Marlene Wolfmair, Stephan Kowarik
Production Coordinator: Katharina Würthner
Language Consultant: Evelyn Fürlinger
Script Copy Editing: Heather Kelley
Office Management: Veronika Karim
Accounting: Dina Muminovic
Financing Consultant USA: Nick Farr

Taxi Cab Music: “Erkek Kadın Oyun Havası” by Rizeli Sadık
Austrian Folk Music: “Schottisch aus Schönbach” (MIDI Version)
Anthem During Slideshow: State Anthem of the USSR (MIDI Version)
End Credit Music: “50 Ways” by Blockwerk (Oddtimerecords)

Funded by
Österreichisches Filminstitut and Filmfonds Wien

Location provided by the United Nations Office in Vienna
Light Equipment provided by Peter Dopplinger Filmgeräteverleih (special thanks to Margit Samonig!)
Camera Equipment provided by ARRI Rental Vienna (special thanks to Gerhard Giesser!)
Car Rental provided by Flott Vienna
Production Insurance provided by Aon, Jauch & Hübner (special thanks to Regine Reiger!)
Construction Machinery provided by CAT-Zeppelin Fischamend
Land Mine Prop provided by Airsoft World, UK
Meat Products provided by Johannes Pechmann (Butcher of Anger, Styria)

Thanks to Mok Hafaid, Jay Vaughan, Andreas Lehrbaum, Metalab, Manfred Krejcik, Andras Vasaros, the United Nations Office in Vienna and the Soviet Unterzögersdorf Bureau for International Understanding.

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8 thoughts on “Earthmoving: A Sierra Zulu Prequel

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  3. Guys, I love this movie project so much, I wanna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant… absolutely awesome! So looking forward to the feature film…

    Who drew the wicked unicorn picture by the way?

  4. The unicorn was drawn by our graphic designer Josh Ellingson.

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