Thatcher could have nuked Cordoba?

Well… yes. 1982. It’s known that there were British nuclear weapons in the Falklands conflict zone, according to the Times. And two years after the war, the Labour Party demanded an inquiry into a report that Britain had sent a Polaris submarine to Ascension Island, the staging ground for Britain’s naval task force, to be … Read more

Saturn Silhouette

A startling silhouette of Saturn is created in this Cassini spacecraft portrait. Although the sun is eclipsed by Saturn in this dramatic image, some sunlight scatters through the uppermost part of the atmosphere to reach Cassini’s cameras. Link

The Politics of Genocide: Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Propaganda System

Excerpted from The Politics of Genocide (Monthly Review Press, 2009). Elsewhere we have written that the breakup of Yugoslavia “may have been the most misrepresented series of major events over the past twenty years.” But the far bloodier and more destructive invasions, insurgencies, and civil wars that have ravaged several countries in the Great Lakes … Read more

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