Arse Elektronika 2023: Sexponential

Call for talks, performances, games, workshops, machines, systems! September 7-10, 2023 at DH5 in Linz, Austria Humans, replicants! Arse Elektronika is back! And it is our 10th iteration! Technology and sexuality have always been closely connected, from ancient cave drawings of genitalia to modern virtual-reality pornography. While it is impossible to predict the future, the … Read more

Sexmachines on display

NEKROPNEUM FUCKENBRUST NECKHAMMER 40k / A sex machine by monochrom feat.Thomas Kranabetter and Christian Schüler. Use and abuse this poly-sexual source of compressed lust and horror! Never before were carnal enjoyment and bodily horror so close! A torso you will haveHAWT nightmares about. To quote Salman Rushdie: “Shame is like everythingelse; live with it for … Read more

Fucking Machines: Arse Elektronika in ‘The Gap’

An article in ‘The Gap’ deals with sex tech and Arse Elektronika. It’s based on an interview with Johannes Grenzfurthner (German only). Das österreichische Kollektiv Monochrom beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit dem Zusammenspiel zwischen der Sexindustrie und der Tech-Welt. Bereits 2007 veranstalteten sie im Startup-Mekka San Francisco die erste Arse Elektronika, eine Konferenz für Sex … Read more

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