Arse Elektronika 2023 Linz – schedule and tickets

In less than two weeks Arse Elektronika 2023 is going to happen! The preparations are going full steam to offer all our visitors an exhilarating and inspiring event!

First, we want to share the final program.


We are offering a 3-day festival pass, of which we have a cheaper early bird pass until September 3rd.
We will also have day tickets for the conference program on Friday and Saturday and evening tickets for all three days.
Tickets will be offered at the entrance and at

Registrations for the workshops will happen through the online ticketing system.

Please note: Arse Elektronika and ars electronica are two different events, taking place at two different venues in Linz. The substancial similarity of the names is purely historical. Arse was held in the USA almost for decades now, ars is big in Europe… Now both take place at the same time in the same city, which might be confusing. Although we have an agreement for mutual advertising, our tickets will not entitle you to enter any venues besides DH5. In return we will not accept ars electronica tickets for DH5.


All of Arse Elektronika will happen at
DH5, Herrenstraße 5, 4020 Linz.
We will have the conference program in the Salon where talks and workshops will happen as well as workshops in the Kitchen and the Terrace. In the Courtyard we will have our concert stage. All the other parts of DH5 will house the Arse Elektronika exhibition.


For those who travel to Linz by train, we recommend getting a seat reservation. The trains might get very crowded due to the Ars Electronica festival.

Once you arrive in Linz you can either take a 20-minute walk to DH5 or take a tram 1, 2, 3, or 4 from Linz Hauptbahnhof towards Universität or Landgutstraße and hop off at Taubenmarkt. Tram tickets can be purchased at the tram stop or through the online app Wegfinder.

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