A Micro Graphic Novel Project
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arbocavaror prototype
By kotzak
after years of isolation. it was ready. ready to confirm von Molisi's theory, that trees were sometimes chosen for ontologic tourism. gates, yes those doors to morphogenetic all-inclusive fields. where strings ain't cost a thing...
i know,... the years of development will pay off. my beloved prototype in action: the dimensional arbocavator (with detecting function and vibrator simularity). there it is! a signal.. right over there!
My first gate. i knew because of the smell too. remarably kuntt. after isolating the channel with those duck-cutter things i found, i invaded without fear. i experienced too much power at 3/6/4/2,4/1q. so i tried sidewise. will i succeed?
oh, c'mon! not this 2 dimensional field again! i confused their pradigm sometime before. poor creatures. "sorry folks! blame the weather!" i cried. the prototype was kaputt (not flattered)
after all i found out that those "worlds" give good warmth. fun for me. and some hot chocolate.
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