Call for Heroes

We at monochrom love experiments. And right now we are making a feature film — but we want to do it in a different way. Movie production usually is very expensive and frickin hierarchical.  Although we can’t change the fact that we will need tons of money, we can still change how to make it.  A movie is a collective, magical experience. This is true of watching it in a movie theater, but even more so the process of creating it. And that’s what we want to emphasize.

monochrom has always been about creating statements, spreading messages, but also entertaining.  We seek the best “Weapon of Mass Distribution”:  the best transportation method for certain political and philosophical ideas.  It’s monochrom’s very own Cambrian Explosion. We try stuff, to find new forms of telling our stories.
But it’s not about keeping the pace, or staying up-to-date, or (even worse) staying “fresh”. The emergence of new media (and therefore artistic) formats is certainly interesting.  Etching information into copper plates is just as exciting. The perpetual return of ‘the new’, to cite Walter Benjamin, is nothing to write home about – except perhaps for the slave-drivers in the fashion industry.  We’re only interested in the accidental occurrence, in the moment when things don’t tally, where productive confusion arises.

Most film production companies would immediately hit the brakes when they hear “confusion” — but not our partners at Golden Girls Filmproduktion. And — OhMy(nonexisting)God — thanks for that!

Some call us ‘context hackers’ because we choose carefully the medium we work in.  That also goes for the people we work with and form creative alliances with.
Wanna try?
Want to be part of our crew?
Help us with technical stuff, design or an internship?
Or do you just want to throw filthy Western money at us?

Please go ahead and contact us via ta.morhconomnull@uluz-arreis

Want to know more? Please read the interview with director Johannes Grenzfurthner by Dan Taylor of Futurezone.

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