Soviet Unterzoegersdorf asked for bravery, and Connie Panzenboeck provided!

Soldiers, performers! A triumph of international solidarity comes to an inspiring closure! Soviet Unterzoegersdorf asked for your bravery — and you responded fast, reliable and swift!
We received truly engaging videos! All of them a sign of hope and struggle!

Special kudos to Lukas Hoffmann, who not only worked out and sang, but also shot a dozen Nazis using the tactical simulator “Castle Wolfenstein”! We want to hire him as a truck driver or mechanic.
And we apologize to Cali, the dog. Your effort is beyond comparison, but there are no canines in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf. Trust us.

The glorious winner of our socialist outreach is Connie Panzenböck.
See for yourself.

She will be a motivated part of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s military might!

A message to all other contestants:

Never forget to persistently educate yourselves in communist convictions! Learn to live, work, and struggle as Leninists, as communists!