The term “America”

Languagehat on “America”: I presume we all know about the first appearance of the word America on the Waldseemüller map of 1507; what I, at any rate, didn’t know was that the text of the map and accompanying book, and hence the coining of the word, is thought to be the work of Waldseemüller’s friend … Read more

monochrom @ FAT LAB: SPEED SHOW Vol. 2 in Wien

FAT LAB: SPEED SHOW Vol. 2: Who the fuck do you think you are talking to? Gruppenaustellung, nur eine Nacht! Mit: Margarete Jahrmann & Renate Christian, JODI, Greg Leuch, JK Keller, Michael Marcovici, Will Moffat & Peter Burns, monochrom, Evan Roth, Sakrowski, Gordan Savicic, Michael Schieben, Georg Schütz, Chris Sugrue, Philipp Teister & Kim Asendorf, … Read more

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