Antonio Gramsci: Biography by Antonio A. Santucci

Antonio Gramsci is a giant of Marxian thought and one of the world’s greatest cultural critics. Antonio A. Santucci is perhaps the world’s preeminent Gramsci scholar. Monthly Review Press is proud to publish, for the first time in English, Santucci’s masterful intellectual biography of the great Sardinian scholar and revolutionary. Gramscian terms such as “civil … Read more

Krach über Kinderhörspiele

Unser gelieberter Busenfreund Krach besprach auf FM4 Kinderhörspielkassetten… Unbedingt anhören, hier liegt das vollständige MP3 der beispielschwangeren Konversation. Krachs Blog ist hier auf unserem Server und seine CD “Hello World!” ist im monochrom-Label erschienen.

Marine Phytoplankton Declining: Striking Global Changes at the Base of the Marine Food Web

A new article published in the 29 July issue of the journal Nature reveals for the first time that microscopic marine algae known as “phytoplankton” have been declining globally over the 20th century. Phytoplankton forms the basis of the marine food chain and sustains diverse assemblages of species ranging from tiny zooplankton to large marine … Read more

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