The Magic Pill Question: GLBT and the ‘medical model’

Here’s a link to a commentary by April Michelle Herndon. She is an assistant professor of English who also teaches in the Women’s and Gender Studies department at Winona State University in Minnesota.

“Would you take a magic pill to make yourself straight?” That question came from an audience member at a recent panel discussion at my university, organized by the GLBT Faculty Committee and the GLBT Student Partnership, which aimed to educate the campus about the lives of GLBT people and their generational struggles. The panel discussion was part of a suite of activities leading up to our campus’s observation of the National Day of Silence. I wasn’t able to attend the panel, but those who did told me everyone on it said that they would take the magic pill, with one person adding that he’d like to take a whole bottle of those pills.

I wish I could have been on that panel to say, “No, I wouldn’t take a magic pill,” and to unpack the question.


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