Mysterious bots of the stockmarket

Mysterious and possibly nefarious trading algorithms are operating every minute of every day in American stock exchanges. The trading bots visualized in the stock charts in this story aren’t doing anything that could be construed to help the market. Unknown entities for unknown reasons are sending thousands of orders a second through the electronic stock … Read more

monochroms gesegnetes Trinkgelage in NYC

Ja, der Johannes wird sich der Intoxikation hingeben! Und vielleicht auch ein paar Ausgaben von monochrom #26-34 signieren – aber nur wenn er echt zu ist. Wann, wo? Am Montag, den 9. August um 20:30 im legendären Burp Castle (41 East 7th Street, East Village/Manhattan; zwischen 2nd Ave & Cooper Square). Und hier gibts noch … Read more

monochrom’s merry drinkup in NYC

Let’s join Johannes for a decent intoxication! And he’ll also sign monochrom #26-34 – but only if he is really drunk. When? Where? Monday, August 9, 8:30 PM @ the fabulous Burp Castle (41 East 7th Street in the East Village of Manhattan; between 2nd Ave & Cooper Square). And here is a Facebook invite.

Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony

Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony is an electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip. Though housed in a CD jewel case, 1-Bit Symphony is not a recording in the traditional sense; it literally “performs” its music live when turned on. A complete electronic circuit—programmed by the artist and assembled by hand—plays the music through … Read more

Giant balloons could clear out space junk

Helium balloons are known for pulling things up, but they could be a great way to drag defunct satellites down to Earth, a team of engineers says. Dead satellites pose a hazard to other orbiting spacecraft. In 2009, one of them wandered into the path of a still-functioning satellite, destroying both craft and spawning thousands … Read more

Rescuing the Enlightenment from its exploiters

While the Enlightenment, ‘one of the most important shifts in the history of man’ as one recent account put it, has certainly had its detractors, who blame it for anything from the Holocaust to soulless consumerism, it now also has a veritable army of self-styled heirs. Militant secularists, New Atheists, advocates of evidence-based policy, human … Read more

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