Artificial Bee Eye Gives Insight Into Insects’ Visual World

Despite their tiny brains, bees have remarkable navigation capabilities based on their vision. Now scientists have recreated a light-weight imaging system mimicking a honeybee’s field of view, which could change the way we build mobile robots and small flying vehicles. New research published Aug. 6 in IOP Publishing’s Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, describes how the researchers … Read more

Bury the Graveyard: If you want to figure out a way forward for Afghanistan, fake history is not the place to start

It’s the mother of all clichés. Almost no one can resist it. It’s wielded by everyone from thoughtful ex-generals to vitriolic bloggers. It crops up everywhere from Russia’s English-language TV channel to scruffy Pakistani newspapers to America’s stately National Public Radio. The Huffington Post can’t seem to live without it, and one recent book even … Read more

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