Need An Organ? Find Your Donor Via Facebook!

Apparently Facebook isn’t just for playing MafiaWars anymore. It’s also for finding living unrelated donors to give you their organs. Seriously.

The six degrees of separation that we all experience via Facebook makes those who have long been waiting on organ transplant lists feel as though the wait can end if they just reach out via their network…all with a simple status message.

According to, one 53-year-old woman did precisely this. After being on dialysis for 8 years, the desperately posted a message on her Facebook page and had 200 responses within a day. From those responses she found a donor and received her transplant.

With 84,000 people waiting for a kidney transplants each year, certainly many more will be tempted to use social networking sites to find an organ, but depending upon the closeness of the relationship and the nature of it, aren’t these precisely the kind of directed donations of organs that we are worried about, regardless of whether they come from Facebook or not?


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