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There is a paradox surrounding philosophy that AskPhilosophers seeks to address. On the one hand, everyone confronts philosophical issues throughout his or her life. But on the other, very few have the opportunity to learn about philosophy, a subject that is usually taught only at the college level. (Why? There is no good reason for this and plenty of bad ones.) AskPhilosophers aims to bridge this gap by putting the skills and knowledge of trained philosophers at the service of the general public.

If you have a question that you think is in some way philosophical or relates to philosophy, feel free to ASK A QUESTION. If you are not sure whether your question is appropriate, send it in anyway. If it is a question about which a philosopher might have something useful to say (and which hasn’t already been asked), we will post it, usually within a few days. Check back periodically to see whether a philosopher has responded to your query, or supply your e-mail address to be automatically notified when the question receives a response.

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