monochrom in Vermont: Context Hacking @ Johnson State College

Vortrag von Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom).

The term “context hacking”—like its older mimetic sibling “communication guerilla”—refers to unconventional forms of communication and/or intervention in more conventional processes of communication. Context hacking is a specific style of political action drawing from a watchful view of the paradoxes and absurdities of power, turning these into the starting point for interventions by playing with representations and identities, with alienation and over-identification.
Johannes Grenzfurthner will present some projects by monochrom, a worldwide operating collective from Vienna dealing with technology, art, and philosophy that was founded in 1993. The group specializes in an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, and political activism. Their mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost “in culture-archaeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment.”

Am 9. Dezember 2010 um 15 Uhr @ Johnson State College, Johnson, Vermont, Sterns Performance Space.

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