Sexmachines on display

NEKROPNEUM FUCKENBRUST NECKHAMMER 40k / A sex machine by monochrom feat.Thomas Kranabetter and Christian Schüler. Use and abuse this poly-sexual source of compressed lust and horror! Never before were carnal enjoyment and bodily horror so close! A torso you will haveHAWT nightmares about. To quote Salman Rushdie: “Shame is like everythingelse; live with it for long enough and it becomes part of the furniture.

PROSTATE HERO by Thomas Kranabetter. This playful interface makes it possible for you to experience the trueessence of being human: disgust, horniness, gamification and drunkenness, rightat your fingertips! Treat dat ass rite — and you will receive booze!

The machines can be viewed (and tested!) at the Porn to be wild Playparty at Schwelle Wien, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien. 25 EUR admission.
Porn dresscode applies. You don´t dress up – you don´t get in! more:

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