Masking Threshold will be released by Drafthouse Films

It’s official. And insane.
Masking Threshold will be released by Drafthouse Films!
More in this article on Variety!

Johannes Grenzfurthner directed “Masking Threshold,” a psychological horror film that Drafthouse Films is calling “an experience not for the faint of heart.” One part chamber play, one part scientific procedural and one part YouTube unboxing video, “Masking Threshold” follows a skeptic IT worker who conducts a series of experiments in his makeshift home-lab to cure his harrowing hearing impariment. But, the logline teases, “where will his research lead him?”
The distribution deal for “Masking Threshold” was negotiated by Emma Manfredi for Drafthouse Films with Bill Straus of Bridge Independent on behalf of the filmmakers.


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