Hedonistika 2022

This year the Ars Electronica Festival asks:
„So can we change not only the world we live in, but also ourselves?“

Before we set out to answer this question, we want to explore the fundamental human driving force: Pleasure. To this end, Hedonistika offers a playground to inspect and reflect upon our deep desire to enjoy our time on this planet. With the help of the great enabler and alleged savior Technology, we will question the technocratic promise.

A group of technophilic artists will present interactive machines and immersive experiences to elevate our pleasure, alleviate our suffering or scrutinize our peculiar desires.
Through the dark of the nights, we will celebrate our virtues and vices with robotic servants of pleasure and a human nightline to keep us dancing in the right direction.

Thursday, Sept 8 to Saturday, Sept 11, 2022 @ DH5, Herrengasse 5, Linz / Austria.
Details can be found here.

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