30 Jahre monochrom: Die gibt’s noch??

Razzennest, monocon, Arse Elektronika, Roboexotica say: YES, they still exist!

March 1993 Johannes Grenzfurthner and Franz Ablinger published the first print issue and an online version of their underground magazine monochrom. Since then the group works with all kinds of media and formats, is still searching for the “best weapon of mass distribution”. The motto is context hacking: subversive and discursive narratives in the fight against ignorance.

At the Diagonale film festival Graz, on March 24, 2023, Johannes Grenzfurthner’s new film Razzennest will have its Austrian premiere. Afterwards, it’s off to the Graz PPC where DJs Wild Evel, Frieda Phoenix, Tina 303 and Grenzfurthner himself will be “giving the spermatic cords and ovaries and everything in between a good shake.” Doors open at 9pm.

Please appear in large numbers, manic if possible.

Fri Mar 24, 2023. ppc, Neutorgasse 6, Graz. Doors open 9pm, DJs from 10pm. No admission.

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