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Alone in All the World
By Dominic
The Pan-Galactic Federation thought I was crazy when I told them I didn't want to hitch a ride to their spaceport on Antares VII.
But think of the isolation, they argued. Think of the loneliness!
Think of the peace and quiet, I replied.
Look at it this way, I explained. For twenty-two years I've worked in a corporate office, surrounded every minute by the noise of office machinery and the inane babble of coworkers, every minute of my time owned by someone else's demands.
Now, I've had the good fortune to have the rest of the species either die off or emigrate to another world. I've got unrestricted access to all the solitary pleasures I could ever want, and all the time in the world to enjoy them. You want me to give all this up and jump right back into your rat race on some other world? No thanks.
Right now, I've just finished laying in enough wood to last me all winter. I've opened a bottle of very rare brandy and prepared the best meal my stores will allow. I'm about to sit in front of my fire in my cabin with my dinner and start reading my copy of
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