Critical diplomatic incident: Ambassdor of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf expelled from party

— Urgent message — March 4, 2008; 11 PM PST. San Diego, Marriott Hotel // His Excellency the Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegesdorf, Nikita Chrusov, was expelled from a corporate afterparty organized by Commissar Chrusov calls this act “an unbelievable act of political shortsightness” and complains about “a poisoned pudding”. — End — Link

His Excellency Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf honors the “Emergence of Tomorrow” @ O’Reilly Etech 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen! His Excellency Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf will visit the United States of America and honor the “Emergence of Tomorrow” in a gala speech at O’Reilly Etech conference. If you are familiar with the history of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf you will agree that this is a most extraordinary announcement. It is true: “Only Chrusov … Read more

Our comrades are on TV

The video is online! Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s Armed Forces present their home country, the last existing appanage republic of the USSR! Comrades Chrusov and Moloshnikov interview Emmanuel Goldstein (2600, NYC), Jason Brown (Machine Project, Los Angeles) and Evelyn Fuerlinger. They also present a strange electromagnetic table provided by C-Base in Berlin. Recorded at Metalab, Vienna (September … Read more

The Party demands Music!

We are looking for quickening music for “Soviet Unterzögersdorf / Sector 2”. Our glorious “Radio Free Soviet Unterzögersdorf” wants to update its audio data storage database! Send your compositions! The commitee accepts the Western format “MP3” (128+), maximum duration: 8 minutes. Deadline is October 31, 2007. We wish you success, comrades! Submit!

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