Casting for Sierra Zulu: It’s Time Indeed!

Our marvelous casting agent Khris Brown has a message for the People of the World!

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to cast such a smart project. In the same way that early Monty Python skewered outdated social norms and Catch-22 satirized military absurdities, SZ sends up contemporary notions of commerce & social justice. The characters are all vibrant and essential to the lampoon, but, far from being cutouts to serve a point, they experience real arcs and anchor the story in strong human emotion. I expect the show to surpass its creators’ expectations and become a cult hit – it’s too insightful & funny to do anything less. We’re on the hunt for a diverse & international cast to add to our already-impressive roster. Interested parties can send their headshot, resume, union status & reel to me at SeniorEditor2011 AT

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