Sierra Zulu’s Electronic Intelligentsia: Dmytri Kleiner and Sean Bonner

Comradettes! Comrades!

Long live the Soviet electronic intelligentsia — active builders of the New Communism!

Welcome Dmytri Kleiner and Sean Bonner, our digital politics consultants and co-ideologists!

Glorious is their work and support! They create quickly, durably, economically, and on the basis of contemporary technology!


Dmytri KleinerDmytri Kleiner?

Dmytri Kleiner is the author of The Telekommunist Manifesto, a founder of the Telekommunisten Collective and contributing artist to the Collective’s Miscommunication Technologies continuing series of artworks, such as Thimbl and deadSwap. Miscommunication Technologies address the social relations embedded in communications technologies by creating platforms that don’t quite work as expected, or work in unexpected ways. In The Telekommunist Manifesto, Kleiner has published the Peer-Production licence, a commons-friendly Copyleft/Non-Commercial license the author has described as CopyFarLeft, and proposed Venture Communism, a mode of worker-controlled production modelled on peer networks and the pastoral commons. He can be followed at

Sean BonnerSean Bonner?

Sean Bonner is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, journalist, activist and enthusiast. Bonner has co-founded hackerspaces and blog networks, an art gallery, design firm and record label. He is a board member of Coffee Common, works closely with Neoteny Labs and has been a regular contributor to BoingBoing. He is a co-founder and director of Safecast.

Sierra Zulu presents: Ben Rock and Tore Schmidt

(Above: consultants, directors, sticky rice)

What does a movie production really need? Experts. At least a few.

Our wonderful script & production consultants Ben Rock and Tore Schmidt live and work in Los Angeles — and that’s why monochrom’s Johannes Grenzfurthner met them for a decadent Thai dinner to talk about business and perversions.

Let us introduce our friends…

Ben Rock began his career as a production designer, breaking out with the blockbuster 1999 movie The Blair Witch Project. As one of the creators of the mythology of the film (as well as creating the infamous “stickman”), Ben moved into directing in 2000 in the budding “viral marketing” industry. Following that, Rock wrote, directed, and produced the mock-documentary The BPRD Declassified to market the release of Hellboy, directed a series of award-winning shorts produced for Audi, directed 29 viral videos for USA Network’s The 4400 and 56 viral videos for HBO’s series True Blood. Rock directed his first feature, Alien Raiders, for Warner Brothers’ signature genre label Raw Feed. The film, which was shot in fifteen days with a modest budget, took the film festival world by storm, winning numerous awards and playing to packed houses across the country.

Tore Schmidt studied Film and Communication Sciences at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television and Georg-August-University in Goettingen, Germany. He began his career working as a producer and production manager on narrative and documentary features in his native Germany; he then returned to Los Angeles to join Venice-based Menemsha Films as VP Acquisitions and Marketing where he was involved in the distribution of foreign art house films for the American market. Mr. Schmidt then moved to Gail Mutrux’ Pretty Pictures (Kinsey, Quiz Show, Nurse Betty) where he served as Story Editor and CE and was actively involved in the development and production of all company projects. He is currently the Head of Development at Pretty Pictures at Universal Studios.

They are currently giving us feedback on version 3.6 of our script. Let’s hope they will soon be able to help us with hands-on aspects of our production… but that’s another story.