unterzoegersdorf.su, a techno-utopian triumph!

In accordance with the 25 year plan which has guided all internet development in the Soviet Union since 1987, Soviet Unterzoegersdorf has finally been granted a .su domain name. They only wish that the rest of the Union could have held together long enough to see how proud they are!

The corrupt, monarchistic, and anti-populist Russian Government offered to sell Soviet Unterzoegersdorf the domain name years ago, but “not before the plan dictates” they told them. As progress marches tirelessly forward, next week they will upgrade their modulator-demodulator device “Red Awn” to support “dial tones”. They anticipate downtime.

Come look at their new URL, http://unterzoegersdorf.su, in all its bittersweet glory.


(Celebration: The Young Brigades of the CPSUZöD constructed a Czarist monument — and burnt it!)

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