Guerrilla Communication: A Lecture (Part 3)

monochrom presents the third part of a lecture series by Johannes Grenzfurthner.

As it emerged in the 90s, the concept “communication guerilla” was, not least of all, a response to the exhaustion of traditional leftist activism after the fall of the Berlin wall. The search for new forms of praxis led (at least in some points) to a new, transversal praxis beyond the realm of the “old” activism – even though the point of departure for this
search was the experience of a seminal defeat of the left. Today, following the rise and possibly already the incipient downfall of a new global movement, the situation is a different one, and the question arises as to the extent to which this concept from the 90s is still useful. The new activism has become more global, more networked, but most of all, it has developed a new dynamic beyond political and national borders. At the same time, however, this activism still evinces many features of the old polit-activism, not only in the neo-communist
party version of the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) and Globalize Resistance. Despite all the rhetoric, activism often still has a stance that is strangely separated from people’s everyday life, even that of its own protagonists. The future of this global activism will depend on whether it succeeds in being capable of action at the local level, the level of everyday life, while continuing to develop its transversal, border-crossing character at the same time. The most important border that has to be crossed is the border that constitutes the activist her or himself in a separation from the “rest” of society. We think that the praxis of the communication
guerilla can contribute to this kind of border-crossing.

At Art University
Linz, Kollegiumgasse 2 (4th floor), Linz, Austria. May 19, 2010; starting 1 PM.

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