Boing Boing berichtet: “Monochrom: 20 years’ worth of Viennese art-weirdness”

Johannes from the Austrian art weirdos Monochrom sez, “As we are
currently celebrating 20 years of monochrom, we were confronted with the
problem of how to (re)present our history. We didn’t simply want to
show archive material — so we decided to pick 23 projects, anecdotes
and stories out our endless bulk of material and recreated them as
dioramas and machines.
“23 WORKS” is video series presenting and explaining these
I (personally) really like:”

#20 –
How we almost killed the staff of the US Embassy with a “waterboarding”-drinking machine at Roboexotica 2007.

#19 –
A Japanese shadow theater machine telling the story of sex machine Fuckzilla’s appearance at Arse Elektronika

#11 –
The crochet-puppet story of making blood sausage out of our own blood.

#13 –
Installation about our gay pride music hit “Could It Be?” about 2 homosexual subroutines.

#8 –
A Semi-Analog Hurdy Gurdy Karaoke Machine telling the gruesome story of a Brazilian eco-fascist


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