IndyRed rezensiert Traceroute

JT hat Traceroute für IndyRed besprochen und uns 4,5/5 Sternen gegeben!

This is a documentary after all, complete with all the camera, sound work and editing styles you’ve come to expect from the genre. Reality based entertainment.. but at its finest. I can write that I loved its use of old-school styled fonts and graphical elements. They truly do compliment the narrative Johannes is trying to create, and tend to bring some nostalgic retro hoopla to the front and center for those who remember. “Traceroute” also features an equally retro/8-bit era score that’s sure to please us, the older generation. This brings me to an interesting question. Will the current generation of yung-unes find “Traceroute” as entertaining as I did? In any degree? Sure, we’ll always have those “nerds” that love history, but will anyone else of the current generation appreciate this title? I mean, I can almost guarantee that if you’re 30 or older, no matter how hard you try not to, you’ll find something to like here. It won’t even matter if you were considered a nerd in your youth! Will anyone else though? That’s going to become a huge factor as “Traceroute” begins it’s journey, and one only time will answer.


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