Boing Boing publiziert detailliertes Interview mit Johannes Grenzfurthner über Traceroute

Thomas Kaestle hat ein exzellentes Interview mit Johannes Grenzfurthner über Traceroute gemacht — und jetzt ist es auf Boing Boing!

The basic idea behind Traceroute is as simple as it is effective: Johannes Grenzfurthner travels through the USA from the West to the East Coast – on the trail of people and things that made a mark on his life as a nerd. Aliens, dinos, meteorites and rockets. Film locales, graves and no-go areas. Authors, collectors, tinkerers, outsiders and nuts. Nerds of every sort and color. Traceroute is radical individual empiricism, a narrative biographical puzzle and an experimental projection matrix. Despite continual stimulus satiation, it is wonderful fun: the film tickles the synapses with a perfectly mixed cocktail of collectively shared context and a quirkiness that takes some getting used to. Whoever might be proud of having been able to interpret all of the film’s cinematic references has perhaps just missed the next pop-culture innuendo in the soundtrack.


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