"Privacy is a bourgeois fantasy": Bestellen!

We need a radical rethinking of how we discuss privacy. As our lives are exposed on Google, Facebook and Twitter, the dissolution of privacy shatters personal and social securities. This loss of control can be embraced and molded into productive, emancipating “post-private technologies of the self” (Ganz), making all of us happier. Post-privacy as a social theory hits a raw nerve in Germany because of its totalitarian past. Jeff Jarvis observed when Google Streetview created an outrage in the German media: “Germans love going naked to mixed saunas and letting complete strangers take an intimate look, but when it comes to the Internet, the buck stops there.” Is surrendering to “full-frontal data nudity” a sign of de-solidarity and apolitical behavior? Is post-privacy only an option for the privileged? Is privacy a necessary means of self-defense against certain powers?

Created by Johannes Grenzfurthner (of monochrom)

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