FANGORIA presents extended trailer of ‘Masking Threshold’

FANGORIA is the first site to present the extended trailer of Masking Threshold. And they publish a little statement Johannes wrote about the world premiere at Fantastic Fest. We assume that’s the first time the concept of ‘Leckoasch’ is mentioned on a major US horror site.

From a makeshift laboratory room in Austria to Austin, Texas Masking Threshold will premiere at Fantastic Fest next week, and director Johannes Grenzfurthner expressed his excitement ahead of the festival, “I do weird things in my life. I run a cocktail robotics festival, I bury people alive in art performances, I run a fake Soviet country… you name it. But when I started to turn one of the rooms in my apartment in Austria into a laboratory mancave in Florida, not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the experimental microbudget horror drama I had in mind would end up on the other side of the planet on the big screen celebrating its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest. ‘Leckoasch,’ as we say in Vienna, to state enthusiastic disbelief.”


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