‘Battle Royal with Cheese’ reviews ‘Masking Threshold’

Joel Fisher at Battle Royale with Cheese reviewed Masking Threshold. Grenzfurthner’s script goes from simple and mundane to mind altering and harrowing over the course of ninety minutes and the audience is right inside the protagonist’s mind the whole time. Something so unconventional pays off as the film becomes a catalogue of the innermost thoughts … Read more

Masking Threshold: Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Screenplay at ‘South African Horrorfest’

OMG! This weekend already brought Masking Threshold two awards from different festivals from all around the globe. And now the wonderful jury members of the South African HORRORFEST are not giving us ONE, but THREE awards! BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for Florian Hofer BEST EDITING for Johannes Grenzfurthner and Florian Hofer BEST SCREENPLAY for Johannes Grenzfurthner and … Read more

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