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More images of the Sculpture Mobs Training Camp in Barcelona

johannes | 09 November, 2010 17:29

Images taken by Homardpayette.

monochrom's Sculpture Mobs Training Camp Barcelona: First images!

johannes | 06 November, 2010 09:03

First images and videos of monochrom's Sculpture Mobs Training Camp in Barcelona @ Mozilla Drumbeat Festival.

More to come! And please upload yours!

Training mobs:

Simulated police attack:
Video (.mov)

Art remains:

November 5, 2010: monochrom's SCULPTURE MOBS Training Camps in Barcelona

johannes | 04 November, 2010 22:56

You want to be part of a Sculpture Mobs Training Camp in beautiful Barcelona?

Come to the MACBA Square to the Hackbus on November 5, 2010! We will start 12 noon! You don't need any equipment! We will provide you with building material and tools!

You can do it!

monochrom's SCULPTURE MOBS Training Camps @ Mozilla Drumbeat Festival Barcelona

johannes | 01 November, 2010 10:22

Counter culture? Art? Your average guy does not go to exhibitions, concerts nor does he get in touch with art and counter culture media. Counter culture and the art world are niche places. And even if people would go there they would consider what happens there to be 'just art'. Art is the place where things might be reflected. But that amounts to nothing because it is not linked to everyday life. Art is a special task and a special place for special people. Many post-bourgeois artists were trying to bring the art back to the people -- not as a handy service (as it is to the bourgeois elite art consumer) but as a form of irritation. They created many forms of street theatre and pranks. But even art hackers are often helpless against official "art in public space"! Oh, the horror! Those endless atrocities! All of them labeled "sculpture in public space"! Ah! Monstrous "public art installations" on roundabouts, on main streets, in shopping malls!

It is time to reclaim the street art! It is time to create your own public art! Get your hammers! Get your welding equipment!
It is time for SCULPTURE MOBS!

Between November 3 and 5, 2010 we will administer a couple of basic Sculpture Mob training sessions in Barcelona, Spain -- as part of Mozilla's Drumbeat Festival 2010. We will create a simulated parking space and workshop participants will learn how to erect a sculpture in just 5 minutes before "security" is called.

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